Monday, May 17, 2010


Why do good momments always appear just like a blink of an eye?if i could make a wish,any wish and it will come true..i wish for all the good times stay with me and the clock will stop ticking so that we can just laugh and spent our teenage life together without any problems.I belive that when the time life would be like other girls out there.Life without sadness,without loneliness wich cause an eerie silent envoloped my soul.

I wanna be free like a bird at the sky,flying without any worries.What am i gonna be when i grow up?am i gonna be someone that people look up to?or am i gonna be someone that continue my life like this?life without any direction and without any shadow wich keeps u feel that you're alone.I used to have all sorts of thinking last time.

Then i meet u.You light up my days and bring back life to me.You were always there for me trough ups and down.You make me belive,make me belive that i will never be alone.Every single thing you do,makes my lips curled into a smile.There was laughter in my eyes as you make me dance around the room.It was funny how u make me fall in love with you.It all started with a simple yet meaningfull three words and that would be "i love you"
.And life without u Syed Mikhael,it would be meaningless.And my life without this love,then my heart would be heartless:)


zulaikha zakaria

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