Sunday, January 16, 2011

YOU tell me shit now.

There's a story that i wish i could share with my children one day.I've been living my life with 8 people which i admited as my sisters and brothers.We did a lot of stupid things but yes,we always know our limit.We crack jokes all the time and the word "goodbye" never cross our mind.Everything seems soo perfect when we have each other.

Who would ever belive me if i said we drove to sepang at 2 in the morning and come back home at 7 in the morning just because we dont know where to go.There was just soo many memories that i cant get it off my mind.I feel like screaming my lungs out.I feel like going infront of yusufe and just wake him up from this shit.I feel like going infront of that lady and teach her a lesson.I feel like take a time mashine and make things right again.I feel like asking william to just stay.And i wish i could take the pain away from any of my girls..Non of us deserve to get hurt like this.

What happen to the future shits we talked about.One big happy family?This shits actually give me such a high hopes.Once that person were here for you,and the next thing you know they could just make you speechless for a long time.I was dumbfounded of this shits that they create.I felt depressed,displeased,frustrated,and terrified.Heartless is the right word to decribe you people.

The word sorry can never make things right again.The mistakes that you did by leaving us,is the biggest mistake you could ever did in your life.