Thursday, October 28, 2010

come home

My brother is now in indonesia and i felt so lonely.I cant stop crying and i cant get over it.I miss him already.Before he went away,he left me a letter in my room.That letter means soo much to me because all he said in there was just soo sweet.I know deep down inside he is sad for leaving us too but he just want to see me smile.He dont want me to be sad.

This is actually worst than breaking up.I have no idea how am i gonna live my life without him.I dont have a shoulder to cry on anymore.

zulaikha zakaria

Friday, October 22, 2010

because your gone

hello people!

So im in the mode for movies and i am desperate to watch You Again.I've watch the trailer in yutube just now and it is soo funny:) i just love watching comedies and action movies.It makes my day!

Moving on guys.Well,this gonna sound funny but i miss hanging out with my mum.What i meant was that yes,she came back home but when she is home..she will be busy with her phone or resting in her room.Even on the weekends she will be busy with her work,meetings and stuff.I understand that she's a busy woman.But,i just felt that she doesnt have time for her children anymore.And the sad part is,my brother is leaving soon.He's going to indonesia and study there.Look,he is my only brother and i cant imagine how lonely i would be after this.My parents is obviously busy with their work,i have to study extra hard for SPM next year,chloe and azwa will be working,amy will be stuck at home with tuitions and that moment i belive that i will start missing my brother's laughter,how he brings back my confident when i was down,cookes for me when i was starving and most of all i will miss his smile ad when he said,"everything will be fine kak ika".Something about my brother when he says that.. it just bring back life to me.I will miss him ALOT.

I cant belive i actually cried typing this post! i always know that i have the most awsome and loving brother that anyone would ever have bacause i he is one in a million.

zulaikha zakaria

Thursday, October 21, 2010

you give me butterflies

hey peeps!

Mikhael told me a story just now since we were soo lifeless chatting in facebook.He starts telling me a funny story yet adorable which goes like this.

"once upon a time,there was a leprechaun.
that leprechaun jump from the top of mount Kikihuahu in an attempt for skydiving
on the way down.
he tried to open his parachute but it just wont work :O
luckily he brings his magic wand
he chants some magic words in an attempt to save his life
but nothing happened!
he quickly checked his magic wand and saw the expiry date at the bottom of his wand.
it says that the wand had been expired for 2 months already.
so thats the end of that unlucky leprechaun
the end"

p/s: I know it was kindda lame but i love it somehow:) i love him<3

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hey peeps!

I went for Paramore last night and it was AWSOME!it is the best concert i've ever been i my life!After6 years paramore was on tour,at last..they are now here!!heyley was absalutely gorgeous and Josh,guitarist was SMOKIN' HOT!it was totally chaos and epic there!the croud was insane!!everyone sang along and i was singing at the top of my lungs!Eventhough lost my voice today but it was worth it.I dont even bother about my hair anymore and honestly i have sooooo much fun:)

The day starts like this.We went there by car.Yusufe drove amy's car and pick us up at our house.

as we arrived there,we have to line up..i was sooo excited!

during the concert!HEYLEY'S VOICE WAS AWSOME!

meet JOSH,my future husband:)hehe

at the end of the show!


I have nothing much to say actually because i have no idea how to express my feelings when it comes to this!all i need to say is


p/s:i think my life is now complete!!

zulaikha zakaria

Saturday, October 16, 2010


hey peeps,

I've veen wearing my old high waist skirt alot lately.Well i think i kindda like it,again.High waist skirt looks best with blazers or vintage floral top there are a few looks that i adored!and most of them are from lookbook.Cheak it out guys!

mulberry handbag<3

polka dots blazer:)

the pink haigh waist with blazer.completely gorgeous!

love her colourfull high waist skirt

So i found out that there' this vintage shop where they sell sooo many vintage dresses,tops,skits,shoes,handbags and many more.Obviously,this shop is not in malaysia.Im not sure where is it located but i certainly saved a picture of their shop.


zulaikha zakaria

Friday, October 15, 2010


hey peeps!

My school life is totally screwed up so i decided that i'm just ignore it and live my life.Aqila told me that if i keep on thinking about what people say about me,than that will give a huge impact on my studies.And chloe also told me that we are young just for once.So why should we get people's negetive compliments in our way?

You know what,i think they are right!

So now,i have a new vision for my life.When my SPM is over which is next year..I want to have an adventurous life!diffrent from the others.Maybe some of the teenagers out there would prefer get drunk,go clubbing,steal some random's people cars and stuff but as for me,I would like to travel.

YES,traveling:) I would like to go to Rome and see the unique features of statues and buildings,eat pasta at italy,chill at bali with the soft silky sand,enjoy the sound of waves,scuba diving and snorkeling in Pulau Perhentian,rock climbing,go to antartica and touch the white snow for the first time and last but not least,i would love to go to Makkah and pray infront of the great Kaabah.Now that is what i call great life.

I belive by doing all that,i'll be more mature and indipendent(isyaallah).

zulaikha zakaria

Thursday, October 14, 2010

already gone

As time passed by,its already october and i still felt that i dont belong in my new school.I miss hartamas.I miss being there with my ex classmates and cool teachers.

I felt like im in a wrong place and i trying to make it right.After what a few people said to me,it broke my heart as they start saying something that completely destroyed all my hopes to study and do well in my exam.I was just about to except this school because i realised that the people there was alright.But,not anymore guys..not anymore.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

she's my angle


Some girls out there might get a brand new camera,new phones,money and so many other things for their 16th birthday present from their mother.But as for me,my mum get me perfume which is Poison by Dior.Well,it is not a typical perfumes that people buy at some perfume stores and stuff.And it is not because of the price,its because this perfume is a symbol of my mum.She loves this perfume and she told me that whenever i wear this perfume,she wants me to think of her that she will be there for me.And she said,untill the day she die,she wants me to remember that.And the name of the perfume is "Poisons".She also said to me,no one can ever hurt me bacause i got her.She's my poison,my guardian angel<3

much love,
zulaikha zakaria

happy birthday to me:')

hey peeps!

I AM FINALLY 16!:) i had an awsome birthday and i couldn't ask anything more.It was just perfect.I realised that the best gift that god can ever give me is that i have a great family,freaking hot bestfriends and a loyal boyfriend.Well,i think it is good enough.

So yesterday,we went to chick pop at TTDI plaza to get some stuff.I bought myself a boho maxi dress and a ring.So after that,we went to Pavilion to watch movie.Actually,we were planning to watch Charle st Cloud but the movie starts at 7.30.So we watch "eat pray love" and that movie is something diffrent i guess.So after movie,we wanted to go somewhere to haveour dinner since all of us are like starving!

well,I must say that my friends and my lover boy was a first class actor!they surprised me with a cake at coffee bean and it was the most sweetest thing that anyone ever did for me.That momemnt i realised how lucky i am to be apart of these people:')

Moving on.After that,we went to one of the restaurant at Ampang and that place was just weird which kindda spoilt our day a little bit.The food was expensive and the people there is soo weird.HAHA.

My mum gave a me a perfume which is poison from dior.There are certain reason why she gave me that perfumes instade of giving me other perfumes.And amy,she gave me a "unisex blindfold" and i love it!:) HAHHA!

Anyways,i had fun and i cant belive i would ever say this but yeah..i am the luckiest girl alive:)

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


hello people!

So i have a few headbands that i absolutely adored!they are soo cute and i just love having them:) BUT I dont know what to wear with and i just feel wrong wearing it somehow.Perhaps i should just give it a try:)

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, October 4, 2010

get the party started!

hey peeps!

Have you guys listen to nelly's new song entitled just a dream?i love love love that song because it means alot somehow.Eventhough that the song's genre is diffrent than what i usually go for which is rock genre,but this song really cought my attention.

Speaking about genres and songs,I have recantly heard a good news from dda yesterday.And that would be...MY PARAMORE TICKETS HAS JUST ARRIVED! HELL YEAH! and that is the reason why i cant sleep last night which has caused me sleeping like a pig this morning and yeah..i didn't go to school today.I felt bad about it but seriously,this morning when i tried to get up from bed is like such a hard thing to do.

Anyways,Im going for tennis final game on the friday night with amy and azwa since amy's dad got 10 VIP passes for FREE!.I am not a big fan of tennis actually but its VIP passes dude!How in the hell am i suppose to say no.I went for last year's tennis game as well and it was great.the tennis players were good looking expecially their sexy face and ass make us go "wow!".HEHE,well,we girls just wanna have fun.But it was crazy!the people are like chearing and screaming!

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, October 3, 2010

just a dream

hey peeps!

I had my first tutti frutti yesterday and it was AWSOME!Love it!

So i am currently doing my birthday countdown which is coming really soon.My birthday is on the 9th oct and i cant wait to be 16! people say that 16 is suppose to be sweet sixten right?but not for me.Like i posted in my facebook wall today, "somehow in someways,i just have this feeling that my 16th birtday will be no diffrent than my typical days." and i really mean it.Maybe its because,people that is around me doesnt seems to care.I dont ask much i think.All i ask for is just wish me happy birthday and i would seriously appriciate it.

Looks like im all alone on my birthday this year.

zulaikha zakaria