Tuesday, June 14, 2011

god,im thankful

Hello readers.

It has been awhile since i updated my blog ey?Moving on.In a few months from now,I will be sitting for SPM.And do you know what is that suppose to mean?it means that im about to face the world.Being an adult,as in 18 and above get myself thinking that time do flies.It feels like yesterday i entered my new school.Speaking about the past,lets just say..i do not have a clean past.Nothing is easy for me.i have to go through every each trials and challenges to achive something.I get jealous of those lucky people.But belive me when i say that the past actually make me who i am now.if i do not learn from the past,i wouldnt change.I will remain as the girl who is ungreatful for everything i have.

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the sun is on your side

Well hello readers!

I've heard alot from my friends about arguments and disagreements among my friends lately.Therefor,I've decided to talk about 'holier than thou' attitude.Have you readers aver heard of that?basically,every each of us been trough this attitude before.It would be a lie if we deny that we did not have this attitude before."holier than thou" attitude is an attitude where sometimes we disdainful ourselves more than other people.Why do we do that?the answer is simple.because we did not know that actually we are also lack of everything.Yes,that is the problem with us humans.No one is perfect.We tend to condemn those people who we think is not good enough.We should evaluating ourselves before we do such thing.right? Maybe there're a few of people who think they have it all.And i named them as "the losers".These people actually think they have it all just because they're rich.Do you think money will last forever? Or some of them think that they can have whatever they want just because they have the looks?Have you forgotten that god can take everything in just a blink of an eye?Nothing is more powerful than God.Whats the use if you are beautiful,rich or maybe smart but you don't have a positive human sense in you? In my point of view,lets throw these negative vibes from nearing us.We are here for a purpose or maybe even more.

till then,
zulaikha zakaria