Thursday, March 31, 2011

we come and go

hello bloggers!

"Do not judge a book by its cover" says my mum before i went for Tm earth camp last friday.I was annoyed when my mum told me that.Well,i dont mind being friends with anyone but i hate it when i was the only one who's trying to be friendly.Come on!show some mercy people.Cant you see?im trying to be nice and friendly here.Cant you just play along?-.- You guys get me?what im trying to say here,its hard to find friends who you can get along in a few days.

But hey!I found a few friends from diffrent schools during that 3 days 2 nights.They are AWSOME.I cant belive i actually missed them :') they are just priceless.Eventhough we know each other for 3 days but they just proved to me that a strong bonds between friends,can exist even in couple of days.

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 years anniversary

hello bloggers!i apologize for disappearing for couple of weeks.A week holiday obviously wasn't enough for me.I was having a good holiday except for school homeworks.Gosh!its killing me.

Moving on.For those who doesn't know that last 21st march 2011,my lover boy and i have officially and finally reach 2 years together!It wasn't easy i must say.Ups and downs we've been through.I never feel like I'm a good girlfriend because of some reason.But my lover boy is absolutely a loyal,understanding,loving,caring type of boyfriend.I still remember how he asked me to be his girlfriend 2 years ago.

It was a quiet saturday night and i was out with my friends and mikhael.We had dinner at taipan where it was my first time being there.After eating,he asked me to have a walk with him around the playground.So i insist and there i go,wondering what will he tell me.To be honest,the only thing that cross my mind was he'll tell me that has a girlfriend or something!I had butterflies in my stomach.While we were walking to the playground,we chat a lilttle bit but non of them seems make sense to me because i was scared and nervous in the same time!my hand was ice cold.As we reached at the playground,we sat at the swing.and mikhael start talking.He confessed to me that he liked me and i was blushing .So after he had done confessing,it was my turn to talk and i was speachless.i was puzzled with his words.he smiled and he asked my permission to hugged me.I was fine with because i thought it was a "friend type of hug".When he hugged me thightly into his arms,i felt like i have a crush on him.i felt like he is not just a friend.he is more then that.Then,he finally let the words out."would you be my girlfriend?" i was stunned and there i go.answering "yes" without any doubts.

Well to be frank,i was expecting this relationship will only last for a few months because i actually took 3 months to really fall in love with him.Yes,three months.I dont usually fall for anyone just in a blink of an eye.I do take time to really feel the "love".And now,i can ony say one thing.I love being with him.i really do :) i know maybe im too young to say this but this is real people will never understand because you are not in my shoe.
last but not least, happy 2 years anniversary sweetheart:)

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


as we grew up,people around us managed to hurts to see how they change like a blink of an eye.Who would ever thought that life can be so unfair?You were faithful,loyal to them and yes..trying to be a good friend i guess but it seems that it is not enough.never enough.Mum told me that maybe this was apart of god's plans.she have a good point there but i as a human,i have feelings.I hate saying goodbye because you people are just too sweet to forget.everything we've been though doesnt seems like you care anymore.