Monday, September 27, 2010

Dont leave

Hello peeps,

So i sprained my left hand today and it hurts like shit:( anyways,i've read about how this girl continue her life without her beloved boyfriend which has passed away four months ago.I cant belive i actually cried reading about her last conversation with her bofriend.

After reading her blog,suddenly my mind start thinking..what would i do if that happens to me?OHMYGOD.Live my life without mikhael?are you serious?that will be the last thing in my mind

I just hope that Allah give me a chance to prepare myself before Allah take him or anyone that i love away from me.

zulaikha zakaria

Saturday, September 25, 2010

ugly truth


Its disturbing when i have soo many questions in my mind.Why,How,when,who? i hear that every single day in my life.Tired of thinking whats the answer.And when sometimes you know the truth,you just hope that you will never ask those questions before.Like people always say,'the truth is always ugly.'

Zulaikha Zakaria

Friday, September 24, 2010

boys boys boys

hey peeps,

Every woman in this world have their own "sense of taste" when it comes to mens.Well,It has been awhile since i had a crush on actress nor singers since i was always busy with schools and studies.Coincidencely,while i was chilling in the living room,my brother was watching 90210.I must say that it was my third time watching it!never get bored of it because that movie is soooo sweet AND Mat Landers(cast as Liam in 90210 ) is like an angle sent from heaven.His charming smile and smokin' buff body,honestly can melt my heart away!

There's another guy which i always adored and he is Penn badgley (cast as Dan Humphrey in Gossip girl).You can call me blind if i say im not into Chace Crawford but yes,that is the truth.I am not into Chace Crawford because I think that Penn Badgley is the type of guy that i would die for.He got the looks,not that stunning but very charming,low profile and loyal.I am not a big fan of Gossip Girl actually.Cant stand the dramas,upper east side and stuff.But I watched it because of Penn Badgley:)

So there are two types of guy that i've just mention.First is the type of guy that could steal any womans heart and the second one is a type of guy who dont really have the looks but have a great personality.So which one would you go for?abviously when i said "dont really have the looks" it doesn't mean that he's ugly!

So yeah, type of guy is pretty simple.I dont go for money nor his looks.But i would go for a guy which i think that is worth to be with and love me just the way i am.Respect me as a woman and respect my family and friends,could make me smile.It maybe sounds simple but dont get me wrong!I dont date or even flirt with random guys:)

Much love,
Zulaikha Zakaria

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean air

Good news!!

My room is finally clean!thanks to my maid who helped me to clean up these mess!i cant belive i have soo many junkies in my room for example,i still have my standard six t-shirt were my primary schoolmates sign on.And now,I can inhaled the fresh air in my room!yayy me!

And this picture shows how tired i am i after a long day claning.Just look at my hair:)

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wont fade away

hey peeps!

My oh my!I must say that i really miss sitting infront of my laptop and update my blog.I did not update my blog since god knows when:) so guys,i have plenty of stories that i would like to share.My raya was great!I went back to my dad's hometown at Kuala selangor and i met my aunties and uncles who made my raya means alot to me.I blame the good food that my aunties serve like the AWSOME rendang because i think i've gain weight!screw fats!By the way,i have soo much fun when i was at my dad's hometown,same goes to my mum's hometown at johor.Both were awsome.

I came back to KL on the 14th sept and there i go,planning what to wear for haneez's open house on te 15th.And yes,mikhael's open house on the 18th.Ohmy god!talk about his open house,as usual my hand was cold and i have soo many negetive thoughts in mind for example like im gonna fall down because of my freaking high heels? HEHE!

after mikhael's open house,we went to yusufe's house at bangsar for raya.i have soo much fun at his house till i dint realised it was already late night.We played games and shisha like theres no tomorrow :) well,i just wish that azwa,haneez and of course mikhael was there to join us as well.

I actually have a few more stories but its time for me to go to bed now.I have "school" tomorrow :( But hey,if i have time to continue tan i will alright.

night night readers!
-zulaikha zakaria-

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat hari raya,2010:)

hey peeps,

I am currently doing a countdown for raya that is coming really soon.I am soo excited to go my grandparents house at kuala selangor eventhough i know that this year would never be the same because my lovely grandmother passed away last year and my grandfather?never met him before.He passed away since i was a baby.Alright,better change the topic before my tears starts running down my face.Whatever it is,i felt that i am still lucky and thankfull because i still have my grandparents on my mum's side.My grandfater is the best grandfather that anyone could ever had.And my grandmother is seriously one hot stunning grandmother and i mean it okay.To me she is gorgeous.

So,i would like to take this chance to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all the muslims and maaf zahir dan batin.Take care guys!lovess<3

much love,
zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Someone remaind me that when we love someone,we need to trust them.After what had happen,i thought the word trust is no longer remain in my heart.I still cant get over about what had happen and maybe that is the reason why im acting like this.I forgot that i trust is the most important thing when it comes to relationship.I apologize for what i've done love.

The same person also gives me hope and belive that my lover boy will never do such thing to me.That person said if my lover boy think rationally,i am the best that he could ever had.It was the most simplest advise i ever heard yet it opens my eyes from the negetive thoughts that is stuck in my brain for a couple of days.

It maybe an hour conversation,but still..that person does bring back laughter and he remainds me that hates does not justify love.Who is that person?

zulaikha zakaria

its written love.

"He loves me and i love him too..forever"

Forever?is there anything in this world would last forever?ever think about it people?now think again.Speaking about love and forever especially when you are a teenager,I cannot deny how many young love birds out there would think their relationship would last forever.Dont just think that the word seperate can only be known when one of them are not satisfy of the relationship.Remember that death can seperate the relationship as well.Even how much you love that person, will never remain forever and ever.

So guys,cherish ever second with the loved ones because you will never know when would that strong bond will ever last.

Much love,
zulaikha zakaria

dreams of dreams

hey peeps,

Back when i was in primary school,i always wanted to have a candle light dinner with a guy that is also known as my boyfriend.You know young girls,they always dream to meet the "prince charming",the candle light dinner and stuff?yeah..that was my dream last time.

My dream did came true but not with my boyfriend,but with my bestfriend.I had a candle light dinner with chloe at TTDI last night.It wasn't apart of the plan actually.We were just planing to buka puasa together but dont know how we end up having candle light dinner at the side walk.I have a good time anyway.Who cares right?:)

So our night didn't just end there.Chloe sleepover my house last night so we drive all the way to subang just to take chloe's stuff.Well,that is how i met my lover boy for about 3 minuts.Dont get me wrong.Its not that i dont want to spent some time with him,its just that its already late and i need to go home.So there i was,hugging him like no one could seperate us!HEHE!Whatever it is,he's birthday is coming and i have good plans in my mind now.BIG STUFF!

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, September 5, 2010

write it down

hey peeps,

I have to get myself
  • a pair of new earings
  • a new black liqud eyeliner(lost my old one),
  • brand new black handbag so that i could match it with my new wedgs!:)
  • a new face brush and a new eye brush as well.
  • im running out of body lotion so BODY LOTION is in the list.
okay,i think that's it.These are my current important list for this month.

zulaikha zakaria

Saturday, September 4, 2010

im back

hey peeps,

I've heard some unexpected news from a few people which says Lady Gaga worship devil?is it even true?i've watched this vidoe that i've found in youtube.This video is about this worship devil and it is just soo freaky,creepy and scary i guess.I was one of lady gaga's fan last time but because of this huge rumour,it really does give a huge impact on me!i've deleted all lady gaga's songs in my phone playlist.If im not mistaken,i've also had heard that most of the RnB singers in overseas is a worship davil as well.

therefor,I have to say that i am no longer a fan of RnB songs.I rather listen to hardrock screamo than listening to some worship devil songs!whatever it is,Rock bands and rock songs are still the best and i have no doubts about that:)

zulaikha zakaria

now or never

hey peeps,

I guess most of you people knows that Paramore is performing LIVE in kl and i am never more excited than this before.I am totally going but..the problem is tickets.Well,i went to check out for the tickets at rock corner just now and sadly,the "hot spot" which is the rock zone free standing coast like RM358 and the others are free seating.Its Paramore for god sake!who would ever want to sit during the concert!i know i dont.

Anyways,One month of fasting is almost done and Raya is taking over.I know im suppose to get excited about it but to me,Bulan Ramadhan is a great month and im sad because a few days from now its the end of it.We need to wait another year for these awsome month.

Moving on.I've bought the baju kurung moden that i wanted just now!yayy:)

zulaikha zakaria