Thursday, November 25, 2010

my confession

hey peeps,

i know that i've told you guys that i will no longer post anything that have to do with my problems here but honestly,i have to let it out somewhere.My heart is now crash into pieces and trust me,it will take time to heal this pain.Here i go again.My holiday sucked.Never knew someone who usually make me feel calm just walked away from another word,disappear.

Well to be frank,most of the time..i usually just leave that person who hurt my feelings.But this guy right here,changed me.He make me realised that true love does exist.I was once a strong girl who never fall for any sweet words but when he came into my life,i felt complete evethough i know this love wont last forever.I blame myself for everything.I shouldnt fall for anyone.Because i know that one day day,that person will leave me.But things happened.I have to confess that it wont be easy for me to just leave him.

But yet,i am still lucky because i still have my girlfriends with me.I belive what keeps me strong is praying to Allah and as long as my loved ones stays with me,than i will feel save.Insyaallah.

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my sweetest nightingale

i wish there's a poison that can take this feeling go away.maybe its time:')

Friday, November 19, 2010

lauren conrad

hey hey,

As you guys know that i love fashion soo much and my previous fashion icon is katy perry.I love her styles where she always wear bodycon skirts and play with colours.But now,my current fashion icon is Lauren conrad!she is a high fachion hollywood actor plus,she is a great fashion designer:)

what makes me smile

hey love,

i had my dinner last night with my darlings at switchblade and the food was satisfying.We had tutti frutti as our "lunch" and at last we had a proper dinner after that!It is worth every penny eating there!:)

marvelous cheesy chicken with mashroom pizza!

much love,
zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

smells like teen spirit!

my "date" of the day!

hi and hello peeps!

I found a replacement of hartamas square which is SWITCHBLADE!!yayy!*happy dance*.life is good<3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

and the rest is just whatever

hey peeps!

i know it has been awile since i updated my blog!The thing is that,i am on my way to change the whole blog theme! i used to post about my daily live in my blog but,i was thinking i to make something new! no more posting about my personal live since there are a few people who cant mind their own business!maybe my name is too sweet till they cant stop talking about it.pfft:/

Neways,this would be my last post talking about these crabs:) i will update my blog by posting nice pictures that i will be taking myself! well,not only pictures,i will be posting maybe a short post according to the pictures and stuff.hope you guys enjoy it!

zulaikha zakaria