Sunday, May 30, 2010

back to time

memories of me and dda on 2007:)


Time flies so fast this year.I had lots and lots of great memories with my loved ones.I dont know how and why but my mind suddenly recalled about last few years.Last few years actually means alot to me.I learn alot about life.Life is not always easy,we need to go though every single thing and learn to be brave to face problems.

Back then when i was in form 2,i've lost my 4 best friends.Trust me,it was horrifying!There was this one lady name "anonymous".She is the reason why I had a fight with my ex bestfriends.I was then left alone for 6 months without anyone that time except for a few people that still trust me that i wont do such thing like what that anonymous lady had told the whole school about me.Its not that i dont have the guts to face her,its just that i dont want to make things worst.I've change alot for that six months!I learn to appriciate every single thing in my life and I felt great!

Good times that i had when i was in form 1 is still fresh in my mind.When i was 13(form 1) that is when i got my first love:) I had a funny yet unforgetable memories with this anonymous guy.He was soo cute and i must say that he has a glitz that can melt my heart is blind and obviously i broke up with him after 5 months together.He is also my first kiss! was sooooo weird and i dont feel a thing when it happen that time.Its funny how it happens.

Actually,i have many more great and horrifying memories but its 10.30 pm and i have school tomorrow.So i need to go to bed and have a good sleep yeah:) If I am not too lazy to continue about this than i will absolutely continue.

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I feel soo realife now cuz i've just finished my mid year exam.I must say that I dont think i did well this time.I screw my bio,chemistry and accounts like shit!who cares right?I mean its over and all I need to do now its just study harder for my next following exam:)

When i reached home today,facebook is the first thing that cross my mind!and I cant wait for this coming 2 weeks holidays.I have tons of plans during the holidays and one of them is of course a good rest.Im just tired of stuying,homeworks and waking up 5.50 everyday just to go to school.I need life!I need to go out with my girlfriends and spent my time hanging out with the love ones.

Anyways,my ex bahasa teacher,Cik Maziani..she's getting married!ohmygosh!I might be going to her wedding on 1th june at Kedah with my ex classmates.They are going by bus but im going with qila and amy by car,boy is driving:) hope everything will be fine and arrived there sefely.

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, May 24, 2010

A perfect vine


If someone ask me to list down the people i really need in my life and why.. honestly,i would not take my time to answer this question.

The first person i really need in my life is my mum.She is everything to me and my mum is the most loyal person i've ever known.I was born from a comlicated, and unperfect family.Well,my dad he left me and my mum when i was 3 years old because of another woman.He left my mum with heartbroken and he left me with all sorts of questions like "why is papa not around?" or "mama,why is papa yelling at you?".You see how this affects me.i was 3 for god sake!i dont know what to do and i dont understand anything that time.After a few years, my mum get married with my step dad and he is very nice to me and i love soooooo much!actually,i love my step dad more than i love my real dad.My mum gave me something that i cannot buy,something that I would not expect to have from another person..and that would be love.Without her,i would not be who am i today.She raise up with all her heart and im thankful to have my mum in my life:)

The next person i really need in my life is my best friend also known as my "soul sister".She's my neighbour since i was 8 years old and she was 9.Chloe is the second closest human to me.She is always there for me through my bitter sweet life.She is the first person who i will talk to if i broke up with my boyfrend,the first person to know about my sosial life an yes..the first person to know about my family.I can say that,there are no secrets between me and chloe.We grew up together.Eventhought we are not from a same relagion,but that does not make any boundary between us.Im glad to know her because she is the most understanding,annoying,loving,caring friend and i have no doubt about that!

And,last but no at boyfriend,Syed Mikhael Assadullah bin Syed Ali Hanafiah(i took 2 months to remember his name:) ).He is the only guy that can me smile just by saying "dont worry alright,im here for you".He is always the first victim that i would turn to whenever I cry,or when im angry about something.And the best thing about him that he will listen but i must say that he is not a good adviser!he is also a very very very understanding guy,i mean where can you find a boyfriend that you could talk about another guy to?i love him soo much and i appriciate every single thing he had done for me:)

But still..i love every each of my family members and my friends!;)

zulaikha zakaria

Saturday, May 22, 2010

hey soul sista


Damn!i never knew that i could feel soo jobless if chloe's not around?she's staying at her grandma's house for a few days at subang.What can i say,we grew up together.Her house is just one step away from my house:) I am soo use to see her face almost everyday and suprisingly,i never get bored of that!

Chloe came back home yesterday!i was soo glad to see her face.She promise me to go for breakfast yesterday but we end up eating lunch together at some bakery at hartamas.haha,breakfast with chloe?never happen!than we walk around as if that we have nothing to do at home.Well im suppose to study but its saturday and i really really cant stay at home on saturday.

So we went back home and change our clothes,getting ready to go out again.But this time..we went to junkyard lah(lah lah land).The clothes are freeking cheap!i bought 3 vintage tops and i only spent 50 bux for that!!i even get 2 free hair bands!:) shopping is a must though!

We had dinner at the taipan gardens and chloe hated that place!haha,she's been complaining about the food,the chair,and the view?haha,i LOVE that place okay!to me,that place is awsome!screw you chloe!:) my dad pick me up there around 11 pm. And my dad took me to this place which i dont know where but it was on that area.i hang out with my dad and it was funny when the waiters thought that i was my dad's girlfriend!GOSH! i felt like jumping out of the window! so after that,we went back home around 12 i think..i was soo tired and i need rest!

zuaikha zakaria.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Why do good momments always appear just like a blink of an eye?if i could make a wish,any wish and it will come true..i wish for all the good times stay with me and the clock will stop ticking so that we can just laugh and spent our teenage life together without any problems.I belive that when the time life would be like other girls out there.Life without sadness,without loneliness wich cause an eerie silent envoloped my soul.

I wanna be free like a bird at the sky,flying without any worries.What am i gonna be when i grow up?am i gonna be someone that people look up to?or am i gonna be someone that continue my life like this?life without any direction and without any shadow wich keeps u feel that you're alone.I used to have all sorts of thinking last time.

Then i meet u.You light up my days and bring back life to me.You were always there for me trough ups and down.You make me belive,make me belive that i will never be alone.Every single thing you do,makes my lips curled into a smile.There was laughter in my eyes as you make me dance around the room.It was funny how u make me fall in love with you.It all started with a simple yet meaningfull three words and that would be "i love you"
.And life without u Syed Mikhael,it would be meaningless.And my life without this love,then my heart would be heartless:)


zulaikha zakaria