Monday, May 24, 2010

A perfect vine


If someone ask me to list down the people i really need in my life and why.. honestly,i would not take my time to answer this question.

The first person i really need in my life is my mum.She is everything to me and my mum is the most loyal person i've ever known.I was born from a comlicated, and unperfect family.Well,my dad he left me and my mum when i was 3 years old because of another woman.He left my mum with heartbroken and he left me with all sorts of questions like "why is papa not around?" or "mama,why is papa yelling at you?".You see how this affects me.i was 3 for god sake!i dont know what to do and i dont understand anything that time.After a few years, my mum get married with my step dad and he is very nice to me and i love soooooo much!actually,i love my step dad more than i love my real dad.My mum gave me something that i cannot buy,something that I would not expect to have from another person..and that would be love.Without her,i would not be who am i today.She raise up with all her heart and im thankful to have my mum in my life:)

The next person i really need in my life is my best friend also known as my "soul sister".She's my neighbour since i was 8 years old and she was 9.Chloe is the second closest human to me.She is always there for me through my bitter sweet life.She is the first person who i will talk to if i broke up with my boyfrend,the first person to know about my sosial life an yes..the first person to know about my family.I can say that,there are no secrets between me and chloe.We grew up together.Eventhought we are not from a same relagion,but that does not make any boundary between us.Im glad to know her because she is the most understanding,annoying,loving,caring friend and i have no doubt about that!

And,last but no at boyfriend,Syed Mikhael Assadullah bin Syed Ali Hanafiah(i took 2 months to remember his name:) ).He is the only guy that can me smile just by saying "dont worry alright,im here for you".He is always the first victim that i would turn to whenever I cry,or when im angry about something.And the best thing about him that he will listen but i must say that he is not a good adviser!he is also a very very very understanding guy,i mean where can you find a boyfriend that you could talk about another guy to?i love him soo much and i appriciate every single thing he had done for me:)

But still..i love every each of my family members and my friends!;)

zulaikha zakaria

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