Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I feel soo realife now cuz i've just finished my mid year exam.I must say that I dont think i did well this time.I screw my bio,chemistry and accounts like shit!who cares right?I mean its over and all I need to do now its just study harder for my next following exam:)

When i reached home today,facebook is the first thing that cross my mind!and I cant wait for this coming 2 weeks holidays.I have tons of plans during the holidays and one of them is of course a good rest.Im just tired of stuying,homeworks and waking up 5.50 everyday just to go to school.I need life!I need to go out with my girlfriends and spent my time hanging out with the love ones.

Anyways,my ex bahasa teacher,Cik Maziani..she's getting married!ohmygosh!I might be going to her wedding on 1th june at Kedah with my ex classmates.They are going by bus but im going with qila and amy by car,boy is driving:) hope everything will be fine and arrived there sefely.

zulaikha zakaria

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