Sunday, May 30, 2010

back to time

memories of me and dda on 2007:)


Time flies so fast this year.I had lots and lots of great memories with my loved ones.I dont know how and why but my mind suddenly recalled about last few years.Last few years actually means alot to me.I learn alot about life.Life is not always easy,we need to go though every single thing and learn to be brave to face problems.

Back then when i was in form 2,i've lost my 4 best friends.Trust me,it was horrifying!There was this one lady name "anonymous".She is the reason why I had a fight with my ex bestfriends.I was then left alone for 6 months without anyone that time except for a few people that still trust me that i wont do such thing like what that anonymous lady had told the whole school about me.Its not that i dont have the guts to face her,its just that i dont want to make things worst.I've change alot for that six months!I learn to appriciate every single thing in my life and I felt great!

Good times that i had when i was in form 1 is still fresh in my mind.When i was 13(form 1) that is when i got my first love:) I had a funny yet unforgetable memories with this anonymous guy.He was soo cute and i must say that he has a glitz that can melt my heart is blind and obviously i broke up with him after 5 months together.He is also my first kiss! was sooooo weird and i dont feel a thing when it happen that time.Its funny how it happens.

Actually,i have many more great and horrifying memories but its 10.30 pm and i have school tomorrow.So i need to go to bed and have a good sleep yeah:) If I am not too lazy to continue about this than i will absolutely continue.

zulaikha zakaria

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