Tuesday, June 1, 2010

popping pimples!

hey peeps!

I have a seriously big major problem right now!the thing is that i have few pimples that keep popping out from my face and it's really really anonying?i've tried lots of products and it does'nt seems to work on me.My mom told me maybe this is because of my body hormons or something.argh..stupid hormons!

Anyways,enough about my hormons and pimples.Last few days,i was on the phone with my boyfreind(well,i talk to him everyday:)) and i told him to do a blog as well.Actually i was joking and i dont mean it but instead of doing a blog,he did a tumblr.I know there are no diffrenat between blog and tumblr but yeah..I read his tumblr and i think its kindda cute somehow?i mean..the way he wrote about how he had a sudden thoughts to a tumblr and all..i was amazed and excited i think.He is not the type who tells people much about himself so i have no idea what is he gonna write in his tumblr.

And yesterday,Azwa was planing to sneak out with me and chloe.We almost did it but we end up staying at home and not going out.It was funny how my friends planed to sneak out on monday night!among the 7 days in a week,why monday i wonder?

zulaikha zakaria

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