Monday, June 14, 2010

things right again,Starlites;)

hey peeps!

For the people who knows me since last few years,you know what had happen between me and some of my old friends right.oh well,thanks to "starlites",we are back again.Honestly i cant even remember when was the last time i hung out with Dda and Aza.I cant deny that i miss those times when everything was fine again,when I was a juniour in my school,when everyone was still thin and have no pimples,when we are soo close to each other like no one can seperate us,when I still belive a word called "forever".Yeah..those time.

We were laughing our ass off just now and we had picnic at taman titiwangsa.On that moment,i realised that how time passed by soo fast.Its like I did'nt even realised that we've gron up.Every each of us change alot but one thing remain the same.And that is friendship.I belive that maybe we will not be together forever but we will always remember every each of our good times that we had.

Aza,Qila and Dda was soo funny as they start acting like some tourist that lost in KL?haha!anyways,I have some advise to the ladies out there.If you girls are planing to go to KL like Taman Titiwangsa or places like that,excpecially on the "zon pudu area",DO NOT wear shorts for example like hot pants shorts.Bad idea i must say!I experince this just now when me,aza and qila was wearing shorts.The people there are like looking and the guys are being soo pervert.They are like staring at our ass?i mean you-better-get-your-eyes-of-my-ass!sigh

Than,after dda drop me and qila at bagsar,we went for window shopping while waiting for my mum to pick us up.I dont see anything that catch my eye.Maybe because I was too tired after being like a "tourist" in my own country:)

zulaikha zakaria.

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