Monday, June 28, 2010

start a new chapter

hey peeps,

About the post that i have posted yesterday,I was even wondering why i was being soo immature for posting stupid stuff like that.Maybe i was soo upsad till i could'nt control myself for doing glad its over and i will never talk about this whole drama ever again.If you readers was wondering what had happen,i dont think its a good idea for you guys to know either.One thing i know for sure is that,god knows what had happen better.Perhaps,i need to have some faith in this life.

Now,all i need to do is start a new book, a whole new chapter in my life.That means,i will try to be a better person.I know that im not perfect.I mean come one is perfect in this world but hey,we can always try to be the best among the best right?i'll give this a try.This whole drama makes me sick!

I dont know why but...naahh,ill keep this to myself.Ill just pray so that one day,i will have a better life...I just want to have a life like ordinary 16 years old girls out there!is that too much to ask?

zulaikha zakaria.

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