Tuesday, June 29, 2010

dispite of perhaps?

hey peeps,

As time pass by,tomorrow is the last day of June and July is taking over.In a few months time,ill be one of the senior in my school.I could not imagine how is it gonna be on the last day of SPM!Ill be out the whole day,enjoying my perfect moment with my homies. joyride with them in my car,eating ice-cream by the beach together,watch the sun set and and the breezy air...It was just perfect.I would do anything to achive this dream.

We actually planed this together for quite a long time,if they still remember.These was the things that we always wanted to do together but in this age and the studies,we dont think its a suitable time for us.Parents is one of the problem.But as for me,the the perfect time is the main problem actually.My parents would maybe understand about this whole plan of mine of going away with my friends just for one day.

Day by day,i keep thinking about my future.dont know why,im just worried about this.what if my future its another round?God,that really do scares the hell out of me!Eventhough how bad my life is now,I will never ask for any changes.My life is like a graph that I draw on a piece of graph paper,Ups and downs..everything is complete.There are no such thing as a the word called "constant" in my life..but its accurate.

I know it sounds comlicated but that was just life is to me:)

zulaikha zakaria.

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