Friday, July 2, 2010

rescue me?

hey peeps,

Its friday night and im here sitting in my room,infront of my laptop updating stuff in my facebook and of course my blog.I skip school today since its an open day in my school.So i went for a breakfast with qila this morning and after that,as usuall we went to my favaurite shop in hartamas which is guardian.HAHA,i know its kindda weird but i just love getting new products for myself.its pretty cool though.

So after that we were wondering around,dont know where to go!than after awhile,we went back home.So after that,I met chloe and there i was,taking pictures to upload for my blog-shop.So kindly visit us at yeah:)

So after that,we went to macdonals at MK than we started taking pictures,vaining like hell!chloe went back home which was around 8 something.So here i am doing nothing at home,hoping for superman come and rescue me?Actually,im suppose to go out tonight with haneez and some of the guys but nahh..i dont think my mum would give me an approval to gout on this hour!she should tell me earlier.

Well, thinking to watch some movies at home..alone since my brother and my mum is sleeping.But the problem is..I dont have any interesting movie to watch!aaaa damn it!

zulaikha zakaria

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