Wednesday, July 28, 2010

paper bag please

hey peeps,

I've been doing lots and lots of survey about fashion updates.I am much more enthusiasts to do a stupid survay instead of hitting the books.DAMN!i know its unecessary for some people but not for me.
Now moving on.I've got some info that maybe you guys would like to know.Whoever read today's star news paper,there was one page which explain about things that you should treasure or toss.

To those who didn't read than i would love to tell you guys what was is all about.

Do you ever go through your wardrobe and come across item that makes you think twice to wear it out?Okay,the idea of wearing some weird outfit would maybe makes you feel good and it also may look good on you.But,some of them are just got-to-go!Dont get me wrong.You'd be suprised at how many fashion items you can actually keep in your closet for years to come,and still throw them on even though you bought them like 10 years ago!

for example,vintage outfit is the "in thing" these days.Those vintage handbags,dresses,shoes and lots more.And as you guys know that these stuff could get really pricey ey?Here are some of my favourites why they keep coming back.

Leather jacket and blazers.
TREASURE IT IF it fits well and it takes on really basic form.TOSS IT if its over exaggerated with thight sleeves,belts or imposing print which could get pretty disturbing.

Skinny jeans.
TRESSURE IT IF they are high quality and made of pure ,classic danim because these items get more expensive every year.TOSS IT if there are lace trimmings,zippers at ankles,or even glaring colours.

There are actually more for example like animal prints,shoes,and tops that you should keep or toss it.It actually depands on how you wear or style it with.Remember,what you wear explains who you are:)Well guys,this was just some info and updates.But it is all up to you.

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zulaikha zakria

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