Monday, July 26, 2010

Now you tell me

hey peeps,

I do not consider myself as innocent or neither a spoilt brat like paris hilton or something.I am a different young lady that has changed to be a better person.I never regret leaving my "so called as the perfect life" that i used to have last time.It maybe looks perfect for some people who does not know what was my problems.But let me tell you,the life that im talking about is not even worth to regret of.People make mistake sometimes and same goes to me.But those days are over.Totally over.

Its the new zulaikha zakaria that im talking about.I do not want to hear any negetive feedback about me anymore.Because,I've figure out what is my aim in life and never get back on the wrong track.You can call me bitch or whatever u wanna call me.But im not that confused young teenager no more.

I find my way back home,but what about you people that who always bitch around on others?Do you even know what life means actually?

Life is not all about having fun and ignore who was the ONE who has created this world and living things.There must be a reason why are you existed in this world.And as a human,we need to figure that out.That is what a defination of life is to me.

zulaikha zakaria.

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