Sunday, July 4, 2010

The things that you do.

hey peeps,

I've just made this blog like 3 months ago so maybe people doesnt know that my blog even existed,i think.However,to those people who reads my blog(if there's any),I hope you guys never have any negetive thoughts about me.I mean,things that i post here its all reality about my life.Well u see,some people out there thinks they know me well enough,judge me based on my looks or attitude.If that is so,than i think you probably wrong.

Alright,moving on.

Today,I've learn another lesson in my 16 years living in this world.And that would be how my mum means the world to priceless she is,being an indipendent mother.I never knew how my mom tried to give the best for her family.Seeing her waking up in the morning,going to office even on sunday and be back on time just to make us breakfast..that really open my eyes.She never failed being there for me even how busy she could be,she will always listen,will always understand.Maybe i did not understand how is it like being a mother way back than,but now..even how hard she tried to hide her sadness and problems infront of me,i will always understand how hard life to her actually.She never complain about any sacrifices she had done for us.
i LOVE her more than anything that you could ever imagine and I really really appriciate her for being a GREAT mom!

So the question is,do you ever realise how important your mother is to you?If you dont than you guys better start thinking about this.

zulaikha zakaria.

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