Wednesday, July 14, 2010

endless possibilities

hey peeps,

I'm the type of girl who hates reading thick books.I'll take decades to finish reading it.i could go insane just because of that!So as for me,i love reading newspapers especially star newspaper.The updates,fun facts,all those crime scenes news that is happening around us.I mean,its fun though.

Alright,moving on.I read about this awsome article entitled "A metter of choice".i found this article in today's star newspaper.This great writter wrote about this love story based on NewYork,I Love You movie which contain 11 short films.Well,this writter choose to write about one of the more poignant stories in the movies shows an old couple celabrating their 63rd anniversary together.

The writter who wrote about this article has elaborate this scene.She explains that how this old couple could still holding on to this marrige for 63 years.The bonds that has created by love between this two person is soo strong till they can manage to go spent their lifetime together.I mean,after 63 years of marrige you would know every joke,habit,and attribute of your partner.It 's a huge possibility that there would be nothing new to unearth,right?

I agree with the writter says that

"the grass is never greener on our side of the fence
and never fully appriciate it unless we've waded
knee deep into cow dung on the other side."

zulaikha zakaria

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