Sunday, July 25, 2010

One night stand?

hey pees,

Back when i was 9,me and chloe always wonderd how's our life gonna be when one of us have a car.Well,Chloe surprised me with her new smokin' hot red swift yesterday!I cant belive my eyes looking at the car infront of me.That was the momment i realised that we are all grown up.We should be able to think whats right and whats wrong right?

So there i was screaming in the car cheering in the same time.Chloe drove us to salon at hartamas since i wanted to trim my hair.Than last night was awsome spending some time with mikheal after 2 weeks not seeing him.God knows how much i miss this guy!

Well today,i went to lah lah land at rasta and bought myself a pair of vintage shoes and a white ruffeld polkadots top!I just love them:)

zulaikha zakaria

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