Tuesday, July 13, 2010

underneeth those eyes

hey peeps,

I do not understand how those sluty girls would do anything just to get guys attention?lets just say that it happen to my boyfriend today as he went to trim his hair at some salon that was near by his house.The lady that cuts his hair was damn sluty!basicly,she was trying to get mikhael attention when she start holding mikhael's hair in sluty way and showing her big boobs to him?excusme woman,even i as his girldfriend dont do such thing okay.So you-better-get-your-hands-off-him!

Now these are one of the example that those girls would do.flirting is fine but when you start acting like that..that was a huge mistake.We need to take a good care of our dignity.The word ladies explain enough.We should know that how priceless can our virginity and dignity is.Do not randomly give anything that the guys ask for.And dont try to act like some cheep bitch who was desperately wants to get guys attention.

There are another type of sluty ladies which are really good in acting like some innocent woman.They can act like an angle with cute little halo with them.These girls are seriously unpridictable.They can make the guys heart melt away with just one innocent fake smile.The next thing you know,she left you alone without any second thoughts.

Love can get pretty hard isnt it?:)

zulaikha zakaria

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