Sunday, July 18, 2010

the dirt is temporary

hey peeps,

its 1.59 a.m and i cant get myself to sleep.i tossed and turned on my bed trying to have some rest and a good night sleep,but nothing seems to work in this undone busineess between me and my loved ones.Something happend yesterday.long story.

I wish i could just leave things behind and just act like nothing happened.but the fact is that i cant do that.I feel soo dumb somehow for being too nice or understanding maybe.But like my mother told me..When you're young,love meens everything to you.She's right but in this condittion,all i can think is just me,myself and i.Yes,I cannot deny how high my ego level could be.

i have to admit that usually if im dealing with this tears will start running down my face.But that is aint gonna happen.I'll face this problem without any tears.There is no use waisting my tears for something stupid like this.

I did the best i could to settle this shits but you tell me,how am i suppose to do this alone while you are not even trying?for the first and the last time my dear,please settle this together.No one on this world who ask for arguments,fights,or misunderstanding.These words expain enough didnt they?

look,Whatever it is.i just want you to know that i love you.I love you soo much my love.please,you know i would never want to start a fight.You know that is the last thing in my mind.just think about it.

zulaikha zakaria

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