Monday, July 12, 2010

destination unknown

hey peeps

My weekends this week was kindda awsome.Me and my friends had such an apic days as we wach the football match together,went to pavilion to get some new clothes,cheer comp,sleepover,and the best part was me and amy get free movie tickets at pavi!what a lucky day ey.

So i bought a new danim shorts and i get myself a new mascara and hot chocolate eye shadow that i've been searching for ages!and now..all i need is a new tops.I went to ZARA last saturday but unfortunately,i didnt found anything that catch my eye.

Anyways,i realised how much love being there with my friends.Even though we didnt eat the whole day,didnt get enough sleep but being with them was such a great moment.We are one big happy family:)

Good times that we had was such a priceless moment.Being with every each of you makes me stronger to go on with this complicated life that im having.

zulaikha zakaria.

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