Saturday, February 26, 2011

hey ley william

she is gorgeous isnt she?and that is obviously the reason why guys go CRAZY about her including my lover boy! haha :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just wanna go home.I wanna go home :'( let me say this one more time.

little things i love

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

faith in me

hey peeps!

As a Muslimah,we ladies have our limits when it comes to clothes and fashion.We cannot wear anything tight that shows our body shape and we are not even allowed to show any of our aurat.
I'm trying to cover every inch of my aurat starting with basic stuff like pray,in another word,solat.No point of covering your aurat but you don't do the solat.Pretending to be innocent by wearing hijab(tudung),doesn't bring you anywhere.YES, wearing hijab is a must but the 5 times a day prayer is more important.

If i could combine these 2 things,covering my aurat and do my prayer..i believe that my life would be more peaceful :)

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, February 20, 2011

you only live once

hey peeps!

have you ever imagine how would your life will ever end?Come and think about it,its scary isn't it?imagine if you are not even prepare to leave the world.I have 1 thing i would like to have before i die.i want to have a family.My own happy family.A loyal husband and a perfect child would be enough.I wouldn't ask anything more than that.Money,fame and all that cannot buy this perfect family from you.Happiness is priceless.All i want is a real happy family.

The reason why i choose this to be the only thing i would like to have before i die is because i don't know what and how is it suppose to feel to have a real family.loving and caring?i was born in a way different type of family.We are independent in our own ways.To those who have a perfect family,be thankful :) family is the only one who will stand for you during your worst me,one day when any of them left,the world will never feels the same anymore.

zulaikha zakaria

Friday, February 18, 2011

These Hands Weren't Meant For Us

Lately i felt like im invisable.Well,basicly i felt lonely because my mom is away for two weeks and my bestfriends are busy hanging out without boyfriend?dont even ask.Sometimes,you just hope that these people will just call and talk.I know life is fun without me but hey!dont make it soo a human too.i have feelings.enough of loosing my trust,but dont make me loose hope on you guys.I need my mom right now.she always make me feel better.

it seems like at the end of the day,all that is left its just me.thats life right?bestfriends come and go,boyfriends come and go.non of them stays except for one.Allah stays and never leave:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the best part of me is always YOU

hey peeps!

i've recently went through a hard time deleting some old pictures in facebook.I kept some of them in my laptop of course.Among all the pictures,the one that i remain speachless for quite a long time is "one big happy family" picture that was tagged long long time ago.I've read the comments that was sent by a few of us.dont know why my tears start running down my face.I think i miss them.I miss us.

According to a few of us,its not impossible for us to be one big happy family again.I think they are right but it wont be the same.The pain we've been through wont just disapear like that?i belive that one day we will found the real happiness that every each of us been searching for.The past is memories and the future is waiting for us.yes,time will heal :)

Anyways,have you ever felt like there was a butterflies in your tummy when you met your boyfriend eventhough is has been like years being with him?HAH! i felt that way when i met my lover boy last saturday.His hair is short now and he look like the old goody mikhael that i've met few years ago.maybe that's the reason why i have butterflies and stuff.that is really weird!You know what's funny?the funny part was i felt like i just get together with him!whenever i hugged him,i dont feel like letting go,when he looked at me i will start blushing again?what the hell is wrong with me?its gonna be 2 years by next month and i still have this akward,weird feeling infront of him?

Ohh well,i think that was just me.Whatever it is,i still love him eventhough it has been awhile being with him and the word bored never cross my mind<3

zulaikha zakaria

Thursday, February 10, 2011

this is it

I marked today as the day of "i will miss my school once i've finished my SPM".Weird right?I never expect i would ever say this but yes,life has been great to me.Im starting to fit in with my school mates.The story goes like this.I woke up today and i felt SOO lazy to go to school.I felt tired and my leg is aching but i dont know why,somehow i just want to force myself to get my ass off the bed and just go to school.feeling excited to know how's my school gonna be like today.Homeworks do kills me silently but that is not gonna be the reason why must i skip school.I know maybe one or two among you readers will be laughing when you read this.Maybe you guys gonna think what in the hell happend to me right?To be frank,the answer is i dont know.i repeat again.I DONT KNOW.
Maybe this is what you call senior year.Welcome to senior year ika:)

It has been awhile since i update my blog huh.I used to get really addicted to blogs.I keep on updating,typing on my blog.But now,i dont really have time for that.Time is running like blink of an eye so why should i waste it.Perhaps i should get a bio or history book and read right?HAH! i say that for fun actually.To be frank,i dont even read bio or history during free time.I think i should start doing that.great ika -__-

i should get myself to bed now!i have school tomorrow :) goodnight!

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, February 7, 2011

i heart bandung

hey peeps!

Anyone that never visit Bandung,i suggest you people get the flight tickets to bandung ASAP! Bandung is awsome i must say.Maybe the place was chaos and packed of people from all walks of life but still.I LOVE IT .bandung is a shopping heaven! You can get expensive looking tops or jeans with just RM 30/40.You'll be suprised when you see those nice tops and bottoms there!well,i know im suprised! :)

My favourite food there was 'tempe goreng' and 'sup buntut'.It maybe sounds weird but TRY IT! once you've try it,you will get addicted to i do.I cant stop drinking 'es teh manis' since it taste soo good!it taste something like jasmine tea but BETTER! (Y) .

Okay now,here comes to the fun facts.80% of indonasion girls are pretty.I went to Jakarta as well and honestly,i felt i was the ugliest among all!their face was flawless.The hair was long wavy thick.another word to describe them,gorgeous.Now, the fun part was the mans are HOT too.they have the looks basicly.I dont know how to describe them.speachless!

To me,bandung is like the bigger version of bangsar.And the reason i say that is because the shopping places like their factory outlets looks like those shops in bangsar.My all time favourite shop there was Grende and Rumah Mode.GOD!everything seems soo cheap there!Even Tutti Fruitti is cheap there!HAHA!

so guys,do visit bandung because you will never regret it :) All i know,after my SPM..i am soo going there AGAIN!

zulaikha zakaria