Thursday, February 17, 2011

the best part of me is always YOU

hey peeps!

i've recently went through a hard time deleting some old pictures in facebook.I kept some of them in my laptop of course.Among all the pictures,the one that i remain speachless for quite a long time is "one big happy family" picture that was tagged long long time ago.I've read the comments that was sent by a few of us.dont know why my tears start running down my face.I think i miss them.I miss us.

According to a few of us,its not impossible for us to be one big happy family again.I think they are right but it wont be the same.The pain we've been through wont just disapear like that?i belive that one day we will found the real happiness that every each of us been searching for.The past is memories and the future is waiting for us.yes,time will heal :)

Anyways,have you ever felt like there was a butterflies in your tummy when you met your boyfriend eventhough is has been like years being with him?HAH! i felt that way when i met my lover boy last saturday.His hair is short now and he look like the old goody mikhael that i've met few years ago.maybe that's the reason why i have butterflies and stuff.that is really weird!You know what's funny?the funny part was i felt like i just get together with him!whenever i hugged him,i dont feel like letting go,when he looked at me i will start blushing again?what the hell is wrong with me?its gonna be 2 years by next month and i still have this akward,weird feeling infront of him?

Ohh well,i think that was just me.Whatever it is,i still love him eventhough it has been awhile being with him and the word bored never cross my mind<3

zulaikha zakaria

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