Sunday, February 20, 2011

you only live once

hey peeps!

have you ever imagine how would your life will ever end?Come and think about it,its scary isn't it?imagine if you are not even prepare to leave the world.I have 1 thing i would like to have before i die.i want to have a family.My own happy family.A loyal husband and a perfect child would be enough.I wouldn't ask anything more than that.Money,fame and all that cannot buy this perfect family from you.Happiness is priceless.All i want is a real happy family.

The reason why i choose this to be the only thing i would like to have before i die is because i don't know what and how is it suppose to feel to have a real family.loving and caring?i was born in a way different type of family.We are independent in our own ways.To those who have a perfect family,be thankful :) family is the only one who will stand for you during your worst me,one day when any of them left,the world will never feels the same anymore.

zulaikha zakaria

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