Friday, July 30, 2010

dont say much

hey peeps,

Well i skipped school today and i have accounts exam in school but screw accounts!im dropping accounts next year so i dont really bother about that.Anyways,I really really want to for world stage tomorrow but i didn't get the depressing this could be!So me and my friends came out with a genius idea!we are going to sunway pyramid and just hang out:) that would seriously make my day.I dont want to stay at home while people are having fun at the world stage right.

Plus,we are going to do "something" for kyra since its her birthday today.She had sucha bad day and i wish that i could do something to cheer her up!I have good stuff in my mind though.

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

paper bag please

hey peeps,

I've been doing lots and lots of survey about fashion updates.I am much more enthusiasts to do a stupid survay instead of hitting the books.DAMN!i know its unecessary for some people but not for me.
Now moving on.I've got some info that maybe you guys would like to know.Whoever read today's star news paper,there was one page which explain about things that you should treasure or toss.

To those who didn't read than i would love to tell you guys what was is all about.

Do you ever go through your wardrobe and come across item that makes you think twice to wear it out?Okay,the idea of wearing some weird outfit would maybe makes you feel good and it also may look good on you.But,some of them are just got-to-go!Dont get me wrong.You'd be suprised at how many fashion items you can actually keep in your closet for years to come,and still throw them on even though you bought them like 10 years ago!

for example,vintage outfit is the "in thing" these days.Those vintage handbags,dresses,shoes and lots more.And as you guys know that these stuff could get really pricey ey?Here are some of my favourites why they keep coming back.

Leather jacket and blazers.
TREASURE IT IF it fits well and it takes on really basic form.TOSS IT if its over exaggerated with thight sleeves,belts or imposing print which could get pretty disturbing.

Skinny jeans.
TRESSURE IT IF they are high quality and made of pure ,classic danim because these items get more expensive every year.TOSS IT if there are lace trimmings,zippers at ankles,or even glaring colours.

There are actually more for example like animal prints,shoes,and tops that you should keep or toss it.It actually depands on how you wear or style it with.Remember,what you wear explains who you are:)Well guys,this was just some info and updates.But it is all up to you.

p/s: cheak out my blogshop yeah!<3

zulaikha zakria

Monday, July 26, 2010

Now you tell me

hey peeps,

I do not consider myself as innocent or neither a spoilt brat like paris hilton or something.I am a different young lady that has changed to be a better person.I never regret leaving my "so called as the perfect life" that i used to have last time.It maybe looks perfect for some people who does not know what was my problems.But let me tell you,the life that im talking about is not even worth to regret of.People make mistake sometimes and same goes to me.But those days are over.Totally over.

Its the new zulaikha zakaria that im talking about.I do not want to hear any negetive feedback about me anymore.Because,I've figure out what is my aim in life and never get back on the wrong track.You can call me bitch or whatever u wanna call me.But im not that confused young teenager no more.

I find my way back home,but what about you people that who always bitch around on others?Do you even know what life means actually?

Life is not all about having fun and ignore who was the ONE who has created this world and living things.There must be a reason why are you existed in this world.And as a human,we need to figure that out.That is what a defination of life is to me.

zulaikha zakaria.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

One night stand?

hey pees,

Back when i was 9,me and chloe always wonderd how's our life gonna be when one of us have a car.Well,Chloe surprised me with her new smokin' hot red swift yesterday!I cant belive my eyes looking at the car infront of me.That was the momment i realised that we are all grown up.We should be able to think whats right and whats wrong right?

So there i was screaming in the car cheering in the same time.Chloe drove us to salon at hartamas since i wanted to trim my hair.Than last night was awsome spending some time with mikheal after 2 weeks not seeing him.God knows how much i miss this guy!

Well today,i went to lah lah land at rasta and bought myself a pair of vintage shoes and a white ruffeld polkadots top!I just love them:)

zulaikha zakaria

Thursday, July 22, 2010

pigs might fly?

hey peeps,

Need to work extra hard if you want to have lots and lots of money which can provide you a life in a fab lane like kimora.This all make sense dont they?to achive something in your life,we need to work for it and never give up.My chemistry teacher told me that i always think negetive about something.I never think that life is easy and always think that i cant achive anything.

She is 101% right about that!its not that im being like a doubting Thomas,but i just keep thinking like i will never be a succsessful person in this world.sigh* i need to drop that!whatever it is,I need to focus on my studies exspecially on my science subject that is killing me slowly.

okay,Today is my mom's birthday and i did not get anything for her yet!i shall get her something nice soon and i was thinking like a book since my mum loves reading.

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

break away

hey peeps,

I woke up this morning and go to school as usual.Alot of things running i my mind] these days.Thinking about what am i suppose to do next.I have nothing much to say for now.but i can say that my mind will soon be terminated if i keep on thinking about this whole drama.

One thing for sure is that i will get back on the track if im ready.I promise<3

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the dirt is temporary

hey peeps,

its 1.59 a.m and i cant get myself to sleep.i tossed and turned on my bed trying to have some rest and a good night sleep,but nothing seems to work in this undone busineess between me and my loved ones.Something happend yesterday.long story.

I wish i could just leave things behind and just act like nothing happened.but the fact is that i cant do that.I feel soo dumb somehow for being too nice or understanding maybe.But like my mother told me..When you're young,love meens everything to you.She's right but in this condittion,all i can think is just me,myself and i.Yes,I cannot deny how high my ego level could be.

i have to admit that usually if im dealing with this tears will start running down my face.But that is aint gonna happen.I'll face this problem without any tears.There is no use waisting my tears for something stupid like this.

I did the best i could to settle this shits but you tell me,how am i suppose to do this alone while you are not even trying?for the first and the last time my dear,please settle this together.No one on this world who ask for arguments,fights,or misunderstanding.These words expain enough didnt they?

look,Whatever it is.i just want you to know that i love you.I love you soo much my love.please,you know i would never want to start a fight.You know that is the last thing in my mind.just think about it.

zulaikha zakaria

Thursday, July 15, 2010

lil' betty wasn't soo ugly:)

hey peeps,

I just love going to spa when ever i feel like i need to have my time to rest and just enjoy my day in spa.Well today,I went to a fish spa,which is the cheepest spa you could ever get.It was my first time going for fish spa.Normally,i went for a body spa and stuff but this is seriously something diffrent!I laughed my ass off when the fishes started biting my foot.HAHA!

And and,i bought a new heels today that i adored!:) its black and its actually not a heels,its a wedgs.I just love it!Now you know why I'm a happy girl!

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

endless possibilities

hey peeps,

I'm the type of girl who hates reading thick books.I'll take decades to finish reading it.i could go insane just because of that!So as for me,i love reading newspapers especially star newspaper.The updates,fun facts,all those crime scenes news that is happening around us.I mean,its fun though.

Alright,moving on.I read about this awsome article entitled "A metter of choice".i found this article in today's star newspaper.This great writter wrote about this love story based on NewYork,I Love You movie which contain 11 short films.Well,this writter choose to write about one of the more poignant stories in the movies shows an old couple celabrating their 63rd anniversary together.

The writter who wrote about this article has elaborate this scene.She explains that how this old couple could still holding on to this marrige for 63 years.The bonds that has created by love between this two person is soo strong till they can manage to go spent their lifetime together.I mean,after 63 years of marrige you would know every joke,habit,and attribute of your partner.It 's a huge possibility that there would be nothing new to unearth,right?

I agree with the writter says that

"the grass is never greener on our side of the fence
and never fully appriciate it unless we've waded
knee deep into cow dung on the other side."

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

underneeth those eyes

hey peeps,

I do not understand how those sluty girls would do anything just to get guys attention?lets just say that it happen to my boyfriend today as he went to trim his hair at some salon that was near by his house.The lady that cuts his hair was damn sluty!basicly,she was trying to get mikhael attention when she start holding mikhael's hair in sluty way and showing her big boobs to him?excusme woman,even i as his girldfriend dont do such thing okay.So you-better-get-your-hands-off-him!

Now these are one of the example that those girls would do.flirting is fine but when you start acting like that..that was a huge mistake.We need to take a good care of our dignity.The word ladies explain enough.We should know that how priceless can our virginity and dignity is.Do not randomly give anything that the guys ask for.And dont try to act like some cheep bitch who was desperately wants to get guys attention.

There are another type of sluty ladies which are really good in acting like some innocent woman.They can act like an angle with cute little halo with them.These girls are seriously unpridictable.They can make the guys heart melt away with just one innocent fake smile.The next thing you know,she left you alone without any second thoughts.

Love can get pretty hard isnt it?:)

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, July 12, 2010

destination unknown

hey peeps

My weekends this week was kindda awsome.Me and my friends had such an apic days as we wach the football match together,went to pavilion to get some new clothes,cheer comp,sleepover,and the best part was me and amy get free movie tickets at pavi!what a lucky day ey.

So i bought a new danim shorts and i get myself a new mascara and hot chocolate eye shadow that i've been searching for ages!and now..all i need is a new tops.I went to ZARA last saturday but unfortunately,i didnt found anything that catch my eye.

Anyways,i realised how much love being there with my friends.Even though we didnt eat the whole day,didnt get enough sleep but being with them was such a great moment.We are one big happy family:)

Good times that we had was such a priceless moment.Being with every each of you makes me stronger to go on with this complicated life that im having.

zulaikha zakaria.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I want it all

hey peeps,

its 7.06 am and im not going to school.My mums car broken down and another 2 cars is at my dad's house at Seremban.Im suppose to go to school today because i need to attend this Physics thingy at bangsar pudu?well i have no idea where the hell is that!But you know what,one day not going to school means alot to me:) i just hate going to school.Its like going to school was such an agony for me!

Anyways,i was thinking to go shopping this saturday.I need to get a new top and bottoms for myself!I wanted to get a simple summer bohamien top which i can match it with danim shorts.Or blazer would be nice too.

And i NEED to get a vintage flats that i saw on last 3 or 4 months ago at ZARA.But that time i was fucking broke,and now when have some cash with me,the falts is all sold out!I've been searching all over for that type of flats!okay,maybe i was searching exactly like the one at ZARA's but still!i do search for it.

Next,i need a pair of new jeans i suppose.Perhaps, frayed bootcut jeans would be great.And the only place that i can but that type of jeans in a reasonable price is of course forever 21.And yes!i need a new purse as well.You guys have no idea how my purse look is just horrible!i should put that first in my list!

I've been aiming for this black skorts with stunning gold button that i saw at sunway pyramid.Im not a big fan of skorts actually,but i just need it,i think.

Now this is a real confession of a shopaholic;)

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The things that you do.

hey peeps,

I've just made this blog like 3 months ago so maybe people doesnt know that my blog even existed,i think.However,to those people who reads my blog(if there's any),I hope you guys never have any negetive thoughts about me.I mean,things that i post here its all reality about my life.Well u see,some people out there thinks they know me well enough,judge me based on my looks or attitude.If that is so,than i think you probably wrong.

Alright,moving on.

Today,I've learn another lesson in my 16 years living in this world.And that would be how my mum means the world to priceless she is,being an indipendent mother.I never knew how my mom tried to give the best for her family.Seeing her waking up in the morning,going to office even on sunday and be back on time just to make us breakfast..that really open my eyes.She never failed being there for me even how busy she could be,she will always listen,will always understand.Maybe i did not understand how is it like being a mother way back than,but now..even how hard she tried to hide her sadness and problems infront of me,i will always understand how hard life to her actually.She never complain about any sacrifices she had done for us.
i LOVE her more than anything that you could ever imagine and I really really appriciate her for being a GREAT mom!

So the question is,do you ever realise how important your mother is to you?If you dont than you guys better start thinking about this.

zulaikha zakaria.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

never fade away

what i need for a single smile?
just by being there with them.
that's all i need,
that's all i want<3

zulaikha zakaria

Friday, July 2, 2010

rescue me?

hey peeps,

Its friday night and im here sitting in my room,infront of my laptop updating stuff in my facebook and of course my blog.I skip school today since its an open day in my school.So i went for a breakfast with qila this morning and after that,as usuall we went to my favaurite shop in hartamas which is guardian.HAHA,i know its kindda weird but i just love getting new products for myself.its pretty cool though.

So after that we were wondering around,dont know where to go!than after awhile,we went back home.So after that,I met chloe and there i was,taking pictures to upload for my blog-shop.So kindly visit us at yeah:)

So after that,we went to macdonals at MK than we started taking pictures,vaining like hell!chloe went back home which was around 8 something.So here i am doing nothing at home,hoping for superman come and rescue me?Actually,im suppose to go out tonight with haneez and some of the guys but nahh..i dont think my mum would give me an approval to gout on this hour!she should tell me earlier.

Well, thinking to watch some movies at home..alone since my brother and my mum is sleeping.But the problem is..I dont have any interesting movie to watch!aaaa damn it!

zulaikha zakaria