Monday, July 5, 2010

I want it all

hey peeps,

its 7.06 am and im not going to school.My mums car broken down and another 2 cars is at my dad's house at Seremban.Im suppose to go to school today because i need to attend this Physics thingy at bangsar pudu?well i have no idea where the hell is that!But you know what,one day not going to school means alot to me:) i just hate going to school.Its like going to school was such an agony for me!

Anyways,i was thinking to go shopping this saturday.I need to get a new top and bottoms for myself!I wanted to get a simple summer bohamien top which i can match it with danim shorts.Or blazer would be nice too.

And i NEED to get a vintage flats that i saw on last 3 or 4 months ago at ZARA.But that time i was fucking broke,and now when have some cash with me,the falts is all sold out!I've been searching all over for that type of flats!okay,maybe i was searching exactly like the one at ZARA's but still!i do search for it.

Next,i need a pair of new jeans i suppose.Perhaps, frayed bootcut jeans would be great.And the only place that i can but that type of jeans in a reasonable price is of course forever 21.And yes!i need a new purse as well.You guys have no idea how my purse look is just horrible!i should put that first in my list!

I've been aiming for this black skorts with stunning gold button that i saw at sunway pyramid.Im not a big fan of skorts actually,but i just need it,i think.

Now this is a real confession of a shopaholic;)

zulaikha zakaria

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