Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it hurts,dont they?

Mad,dissapointed,pissed,regret,hurt,sadness,lonely and all sorts of feeling that hurts soo badly till we felt like screaming at top of our lungs.In this complicated life,its normal for me to deal with this feelings and i go through this feeling all the time.It hurts me to see a friendship that used to call themself family is falling apart.We keep having arguments and unsatisfied feelings between us lately.

Is this normal when it comes to growing up?I dont get the whole idea of this whole thing.I miss those times when we were still so closed like no one can seperate us,when we still belive that we always got each other's back no metter what happen,when we still belive the word family.It maybe start from a small arguments and than it leads us to deal with a huge fight.

Come on guys,wake up!i dont want to see another friendship of mine is falling apart.I just dont want to be another person that live with unsatisfy heart.

Monday, August 30, 2010

sing us a song

hey peeps!

I have a wonderfull time with the ladies yesterday.We went for shopping at mist club,Lah Lah Land.I thought the chlothes there was suppose to be vintage and pretty.But it was another way round,The vintage clothes there are not that pretty compare to the previous Lah Lah Land that i went.I bought a grey top which is freking adorable!and another vintage floral top for 10 bux!that top is freaking hot and im serious about it okay!Now you know why i'm a happy girl:)

moving on.Well it wasn't that perfect yesterday.Me and chloe have a little misunderstanding in the car and that "little misunderstading" turn up to be huge and dramatic i guess.But after a few hours,chloe texted me and came and pick me up at my house to break fast with me and amy.I know it sound funny but me and chloe are like sisters and we can hardly seperated!okay..ignore me for being a little too much for the explaination.

So,when we were eating,we saw this guy who look like mikhael in 5 years time!when he laughed,i just feel like going infront of him and hug him!but..nahhh..I wont do that!that guy parked his car beside chloe's car.Well,there i was,doing something that is out of my mind.We wrote a short note which says "hey guys, looking HOT:)" and we left that note at his front car mirror.It was the most stupid yet funny thing i ever did in my life.

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


do you find me in your heart,
to let this go away,
and let me rest in pieces..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i'll be up till dawn

10 years from now,will we still be close like this?will we laugh about the same joke?will we be one big happy family like we are now?We just lost one of our friend just because of another person who steel it from us.Screw you woman!Way back than i was in form 2,there was this guy who make my bestfriend's life complete.Not perfect but complete.I appreciate him for being such a good soul mate to my bestfriend,Chloe.

I still remember when we were hanging out at the playground.We were doing this stupid joke where we pretend that we were in audition for "Malaysian Idol".We sang,we dance we even play hide and seek.how can i ever forget those good times.

I can feel that those times are absolutely gone.Somehow,it feels like its torn apart.If i feel this way,i cant imagine what chloe had felt.Maybe its empty to her.It felt like someone just take the most priceless thing from you.I can tell that it just hurt soo badly till you cant even imagine how is life going to be next.

But one thing for sure,i will miss you my dear friend:')

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, August 23, 2010

find my way home

hey peeps,

I didn't go to school today because my mum doesn't feel soo well.Sick probably.I was kind of worried about her as she start vomitting and all.*sigh

moving on.Chloe and william is having their hard time together and honestly,as a friend i cant stand looking at chloe being so lifeless like this.I just wish that what i had advice her yesterday would give her the courage to move on.And yesterday,chloe told me bout something that i did not expect.

Lets just get to this whole thing clear.For you people's information,i appriciate every single thing that we all have been trough together and the word regret for doing all those stupid stuff we had done,is never ever ever cross my mind guys.I said that because it is time to wake up.Time to get back on the right track.Time to open our eyes and see what have we done to ourselves.

Maybe you guys still haven't realised yet.But guys,i said that because i love you guys soo much and i dont want to see our future or our live spoilt because of our mistakes.We would do anything just to feel free and fun.Think about it guys,are you having fun telling lies to our parents all the time?dont be selfish that is what im trying to say here.We have been putting our life in danger for awhile and we also create our own problems.

You guys could hate me for saying that,but im sure that one day when you people had realised what have we done,you guys will see that im right.

zulaikha zakaria.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

one night

I would make a wish if i saw that shooting stars at the beach yesterday.I would wish for everything will be alright when i wake up on the next morning.I had one whole night with my homies and we went to gold coast,sepang beach.I thought the day will be over a smile on our face.But it is another way round.

Have you ever felt that you would do anything to just see a smile on their face?I never knew that i would ever say that deep down inside my heart.His smile,his laughter and his life means alot to me.I would get hurt if he's hurt,i'll cry if he cry,i'll stay if he wants me to stay.I'll be there for him,always.A friend was suppose accept eventhough how bad,stupid or COWARD that person is.Because,that is what friends for and people make mistakes.No one is perfect in this world.No need to ask anyone to slap you if you did such thing one day.Remaind yourself that what goes around,comes around.Like i said,i will get hurt if he's hurt.

zulaikha zakaria.

Friday, August 20, 2010

he is love

One year five months with the same person.The word 'bored' is never in my dictionary when it comes to him.Never.I never thought i would stay with him eventhough how bitter can our relationship be.but i am still here today holding on to this unbroken relationship.It was great how he make me feel so alive and my world is never dull anymore.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart<3

zulaikha zakaria

what i wanted

Thursday, August 19, 2010

fix that broken heart

hey peeps,

I've seen many people that tried to release stress by doing something that is not worth it.Example like singing or tell stupid stuff in front of the webcam and post it in youtube,drink alcohol,smoking and more.Maybe you will feel like you are in the cloud nine by doing that.But just think about it,by making yourself look stupid or high,will the problem solve?As for me,the answer is no.

For the ladies,remember to take a good care of your dignity and also remember that your virginity is the most pracious thing in the world.The muslims are lucky as they have "zikir" that most probably will cure their heart.

Honestly,I will start "zikir" if i have problems.maybe i sound a little bit relagious here but trust me,there are always a way out for every problems.Think positive and deal with the problems with no fear and calm.

zulaikha zakaria

home sweet home

hey peeps.

I was away for three days bacause i was choosen to go for a camp at Masjid Wilayah.So far,i think the camp was just fine but it wasn't great.I did not get enough sleep and rest.So since im home now,all i want to do is SLEEP!

Well guys,i just need a rest.Ill update my blog soon alright:) so long readers!

zulaikha zakaria.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

i met stranger today

hey peeps,

Ohmygod!I was on the phone with haneez just now and we were stalking haneez's friend.The reason why we stalked him is because this guy looks exactly like mikheal.Nothing diffrent except for the hair parting.whatever it is,i mean it when i said that i would get confused between them okay.

Anyways,i went to OU with chloe for buka puasa.It was pretty lifeless but i appriciate her for coming over to OU just to see me:)

Well,last night i have my buka puasa at rasta with amy,kyra,yusufe and azwa.It was a memorable outing since we went for terawih as well.Too bad mikheal and haneez could't join us.

zulaikha zakaria

Friday, August 13, 2010

one big happy family

A relationship has created with a strong bond which is hardly separated.Go through every single bitter sweet life together,never ask more than loyalty,honest and trust.People call this friendhip but i call this family.

Yusufe is right about the whole "one big happy family".That guy was wise to give one simple dafination yet meaningfull about us.It all started with just me,chloe,amy and haneez doing our new cheerleading team name "GLISTEN".That is how we met Azwa.Long story;)

We spent our single and young moment for a few years untill William,chloe's boyfriend be apart of us.Than Mikhael,my lovely boyfriend and lastly Yusufe,Azwa's sweetheart.We get really comfortable with each other and we had our wonderful moment that we can always cherish together.In another word, Priceless.

p/s: sorry guys,the picture was incomplete and i know this picture is weird.But I have no choice:)

zulaikha zakaria

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


hey peeps,

I just love "ramadhan" because this is the time where you could be freaking innocent for example like not saying any unpleasent words,the time where you will try your best to stay patient towards someone eventhough you juts feel like killing them,and the best part is you can enjoy those delicious food!you guys should really try to go to TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar.It's like a HAVEN OF FOOD!

okay,enough about "Ramadhan".So live has been pretty alright.School was typical and nothing fun,spent alot of time with my family,Ayah is always home now.I have nothing much to sa actually.Everything was just the same to me.

zulaikha zakaria

Monday, August 9, 2010

we are young

hey peeps,

Lets just get this straight to the point.I know there are some changes in me that maybe some of you guys might started to notice since early of this year.First,my songs genre is abviously has changed.My phone playlist used to have full of rock,screamo,hardrock type of song.My favaourite band was Bring me the horizon of course.And i was MADLY in love with Oliver Sykes.I even have his picture in my phone and my ringtone was Dimonds aren't forever by BMTH.My style was typical.I mean i wear tshirts and jeans with flats and i have a short hair.It wasn't really short.It was like at my shoulder length.And i wear only eyeliner when i go out.And i dont even bother to take care of my body figure that time.I eat whatever i wanna eat and seriously..no one can stop me.

But now as the time goes by,I am a different young lady.My phone playlist starts having some RnB songs like usher and beyonce.My ringtone is no longer rock anymore as i start changing it to Billionaire by Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars.I still admire oliver sykes and his band but its fading away.i do not have Oliver's picture in my phone anymore.I am starting to like buff guys and long hair somehow which is kindda weird:) And yes,i still have those tshirts and jeans in my clothset but i wear it like once in blue moon.I am more to vintage style but not too much i think.besides,i wear some stuff on my face in another word some make up like wet eyeliner for my eyelid and some lip bumps.I dont think its wrong to wear all those stuff because it was just a really really soft touch ups.And my hair is way way longer than last time.ohmygod!i really really do care about what i eat these days.I am trying to get the body figure that i always wanted!

So you see?I admit that i am growing up.But one thing you guys have to know.I am still the freaking some lady who talks about stupid stuff and never act like those pretty lady who scared to get down on the mud.I am also still the same old lady who never act like a dumb blond.

So guys,eventhough time has passed by and we all started to changed and grew up..we always have to remain the same person which make ourselve different than other people.

zulaikha zakaria

running up that hill

hey peeps,

My weekend last week was alright.I mean it was great haging out with my homies.But the truth is im just sick of doing homeworks that is getting in my nerve!It is just killing me for staying up late and writting and use my freaking brain to think what was the answer for those annoying questions.Just imagine,my homeworks in a day was equal to one week homework when i was back than in hartamas.arghh..

And i need to pass up 3 chemistry reports and some excercises first thing in the morning tomorrow yet i am still here in my bed surving the internet like i have nothing more important to do.I think mikhael was finally right bout what he always said to me.'LAZY BUM BUM':)

Friday, August 6, 2010

two weeks not seeing you,
i miss you soo freaking much!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

in my own world

hey peeps,

Today was the most stressful day of the week.I've finished my 3 bio reports in 2 hours!it gave me such a bad hadache and soo much pressure.Ohmygod,never knew form four could be such a nightmare!And the worst part is that my face is full of unpleasant pimples!i mean,it is not that obvious but it is seriously disturbing!

So,as usual i have my add maths tuition with qila today.Than we went to mont kiara's bazaar to get some food for dinner.Qila has been my best adviser for years when it comes to health.Well,that was how he planed to do some health stuff after SPM.We were plaing to join yoga,kick boxing,and earobic at true fitness:) Healthy lifestyle will lead us to be a better person right? so there we was,walking back home from hartamas to my house while talking about the "healthy future".

I dont know what you people think but i want to be as healthy as i could!Fit and curvy is my aim.you can call me desperate or whatever you wanna call me but being a huge fanatic of healthy stuff is a way different thing than desperate.

p/s:im having my bowling tournament tomorrow so wish me luck!:)

zulaikha zakaria

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ride in a jet plane

hey peeps,

I went to school today after 2 days absent.I dont get the whole idea doing notes for "pendidikan jasmani".I am extreamely annoyed with this unpleasent homework!The whole idea there's pendidikan jasmani in school is to exercise and have fun with your friends.Pendidikan Jasmani was suppose to be the best subject in school!arghh!i dont get this school..seriously.

Anyways,i have a nightmare last night.I dream about mikhael was about to leave me.When i said "leave me" that does not mean that we are like breaking up.I dream that he wanted to go overseas to continue his studies there!ohmygod.I could not explain how terrible that feeling was.Honestly,i maybe have prepare for soo many things in my life but i do not prepare myself to live my life without him.Just imagine the person who always there for you no metter how bad the situation was,the person who listen and wipe away your tears when you'r crying,the person who means alot in your life..leaving you?how does that suppose to feel.

One thing i know sure,I dont even wanna know or be in that situation.Because,he was one of the reason why life means soo much to me<3

zulaikha zakaria

Sunday, August 1, 2010


FRIDAY,31th july 2010.

I went to sunway with the ladies.Ohmygosh!people who was queuing for the world stage was insane!It was a bad idea for not going to sunway since im not going for world stage!Then,we went to Rasta and had our dinner there.And lastly,chloe drop me and amy at geo's as there was a small paty going on there!i hang out with Amer,Azfar,boy and saif.It has been awhile since i hang out with them:)

SATURDAY,1st aug 2010.

I cant even remember when was my last time having my family moment till yesterday.Ayah was home and all of us when to Melaka for some wedding going on there.Than we went to Jonker street and eat candol and the asam laksa was awsome!after having our lunch there,ayah drove all of us home.While in the car,something going on and honestly..It spoilt my day.I realised that this maybe could be the reason why i prefer spending my weekends with my friends instead of my family:|

zulaikha zakria