Thursday, August 5, 2010

in my own world

hey peeps,

Today was the most stressful day of the week.I've finished my 3 bio reports in 2 hours!it gave me such a bad hadache and soo much pressure.Ohmygod,never knew form four could be such a nightmare!And the worst part is that my face is full of unpleasant pimples!i mean,it is not that obvious but it is seriously disturbing!

So,as usual i have my add maths tuition with qila today.Than we went to mont kiara's bazaar to get some food for dinner.Qila has been my best adviser for years when it comes to health.Well,that was how he planed to do some health stuff after SPM.We were plaing to join yoga,kick boxing,and earobic at true fitness:) Healthy lifestyle will lead us to be a better person right? so there we was,walking back home from hartamas to my house while talking about the "healthy future".

I dont know what you people think but i want to be as healthy as i could!Fit and curvy is my can call me desperate or whatever you wanna call me but being a huge fanatic of healthy stuff is a way different thing than desperate.

p/s:im having my bowling tournament tomorrow so wish me luck!:)

zulaikha zakaria

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