Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it hurts,dont they?

Mad,dissapointed,pissed,regret,hurt,sadness,lonely and all sorts of feeling that hurts soo badly till we felt like screaming at top of our lungs.In this complicated life,its normal for me to deal with this feelings and i go through this feeling all the time.It hurts me to see a friendship that used to call themself family is falling apart.We keep having arguments and unsatisfied feelings between us lately.

Is this normal when it comes to growing up?I dont get the whole idea of this whole thing.I miss those times when we were still so closed like no one can seperate us,when we still belive that we always got each other's back no metter what happen,when we still belive the word family.It maybe start from a small arguments and than it leads us to deal with a huge fight.

Come on guys,wake up!i dont want to see another friendship of mine is falling apart.I just dont want to be another person that live with unsatisfy heart.

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