Monday, August 30, 2010

sing us a song

hey peeps!

I have a wonderfull time with the ladies yesterday.We went for shopping at mist club,Lah Lah Land.I thought the chlothes there was suppose to be vintage and pretty.But it was another way round,The vintage clothes there are not that pretty compare to the previous Lah Lah Land that i went.I bought a grey top which is freking adorable!and another vintage floral top for 10 bux!that top is freaking hot and im serious about it okay!Now you know why i'm a happy girl:)

moving on.Well it wasn't that perfect yesterday.Me and chloe have a little misunderstanding in the car and that "little misunderstading" turn up to be huge and dramatic i guess.But after a few hours,chloe texted me and came and pick me up at my house to break fast with me and amy.I know it sound funny but me and chloe are like sisters and we can hardly seperated!okay..ignore me for being a little too much for the explaination.

So,when we were eating,we saw this guy who look like mikhael in 5 years time!when he laughed,i just feel like going infront of him and hug him!but..nahhh..I wont do that!that guy parked his car beside chloe's car.Well,there i was,doing something that is out of my mind.We wrote a short note which says "hey guys, looking HOT:)" and we left that note at his front car mirror.It was the most stupid yet funny thing i ever did in my life.

zulaikha zakaria

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