Monday, August 9, 2010

we are young

hey peeps,

Lets just get this straight to the point.I know there are some changes in me that maybe some of you guys might started to notice since early of this year.First,my songs genre is abviously has changed.My phone playlist used to have full of rock,screamo,hardrock type of song.My favaourite band was Bring me the horizon of course.And i was MADLY in love with Oliver Sykes.I even have his picture in my phone and my ringtone was Dimonds aren't forever by BMTH.My style was typical.I mean i wear tshirts and jeans with flats and i have a short hair.It wasn't really short.It was like at my shoulder length.And i wear only eyeliner when i go out.And i dont even bother to take care of my body figure that time.I eat whatever i wanna eat and one can stop me.

But now as the time goes by,I am a different young lady.My phone playlist starts having some RnB songs like usher and beyonce.My ringtone is no longer rock anymore as i start changing it to Billionaire by Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars.I still admire oliver sykes and his band but its fading away.i do not have Oliver's picture in my phone anymore.I am starting to like buff guys and long hair somehow which is kindda weird:) And yes,i still have those tshirts and jeans in my clothset but i wear it like once in blue moon.I am more to vintage style but not too much i think.besides,i wear some stuff on my face in another word some make up like wet eyeliner for my eyelid and some lip bumps.I dont think its wrong to wear all those stuff because it was just a really really soft touch ups.And my hair is way way longer than last time.ohmygod!i really really do care about what i eat these days.I am trying to get the body figure that i always wanted!

So you see?I admit that i am growing up.But one thing you guys have to know.I am still the freaking some lady who talks about stupid stuff and never act like those pretty lady who scared to get down on the mud.I am also still the same old lady who never act like a dumb blond.

So guys,eventhough time has passed by and we all started to changed and grew up..we always have to remain the same person which make ourselve different than other people.

zulaikha zakaria

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