Friday, August 13, 2010

one big happy family

A relationship has created with a strong bond which is hardly separated.Go through every single bitter sweet life together,never ask more than loyalty,honest and trust.People call this friendhip but i call this family.

Yusufe is right about the whole "one big happy family".That guy was wise to give one simple dafination yet meaningfull about us.It all started with just me,chloe,amy and haneez doing our new cheerleading team name "GLISTEN".That is how we met Azwa.Long story;)

We spent our single and young moment for a few years untill William,chloe's boyfriend be apart of us.Than Mikhael,my lovely boyfriend and lastly Yusufe,Azwa's sweetheart.We get really comfortable with each other and we had our wonderful moment that we can always cherish together.In another word, Priceless.

p/s: sorry guys,the picture was incomplete and i know this picture is weird.But I have no choice:)

zulaikha zakaria

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