Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ride in a jet plane

hey peeps,

I went to school today after 2 days absent.I dont get the whole idea doing notes for "pendidikan jasmani".I am extreamely annoyed with this unpleasent homework!The whole idea there's pendidikan jasmani in school is to exercise and have fun with your friends.Pendidikan Jasmani was suppose to be the best subject in school!arghh!i dont get this school..seriously.

Anyways,i have a nightmare last night.I dream about mikhael was about to leave me.When i said "leave me" that does not mean that we are like breaking up.I dream that he wanted to go overseas to continue his studies there!ohmygod.I could not explain how terrible that feeling was.Honestly,i maybe have prepare for soo many things in my life but i do not prepare myself to live my life without him.Just imagine the person who always there for you no metter how bad the situation was,the person who listen and wipe away your tears when you'r crying,the person who means alot in your life..leaving you?how does that suppose to feel.

One thing i know sure,I dont even wanna know or be in that situation.Because,he was one of the reason why life means soo much to me<3

zulaikha zakaria

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