Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i'll be up till dawn

10 years from now,will we still be close like this?will we laugh about the same joke?will we be one big happy family like we are now?We just lost one of our friend just because of another person who steel it from us.Screw you woman!Way back than i was in form 2,there was this guy who make my bestfriend's life complete.Not perfect but complete.I appreciate him for being such a good soul mate to my bestfriend,Chloe.

I still remember when we were hanging out at the playground.We were doing this stupid joke where we pretend that we were in audition for "Malaysian Idol".We sang,we dance we even play hide and seek.how can i ever forget those good times.

I can feel that those times are absolutely gone.Somehow,it feels like its torn apart.If i feel this way,i cant imagine what chloe had felt.Maybe its empty to her.It felt like someone just take the most priceless thing from you.I can tell that it just hurt soo badly till you cant even imagine how is life going to be next.

But one thing for sure,i will miss you my dear friend:')

zulaikha zakaria

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