Sunday, August 22, 2010

one night

I would make a wish if i saw that shooting stars at the beach yesterday.I would wish for everything will be alright when i wake up on the next morning.I had one whole night with my homies and we went to gold coast,sepang beach.I thought the day will be over a smile on our face.But it is another way round.

Have you ever felt that you would do anything to just see a smile on their face?I never knew that i would ever say that deep down inside my heart.His smile,his laughter and his life means alot to me.I would get hurt if he's hurt,i'll cry if he cry,i'll stay if he wants me to stay.I'll be there for him,always.A friend was suppose accept eventhough how bad,stupid or COWARD that person is.Because,that is what friends for and people make mistakes.No one is perfect in this world.No need to ask anyone to slap you if you did such thing one day.Remaind yourself that what goes around,comes around.Like i said,i will get hurt if he's hurt.

zulaikha zakaria.

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