Sunday, August 1, 2010


FRIDAY,31th july 2010.

I went to sunway with the ladies.Ohmygosh!people who was queuing for the world stage was insane!It was a bad idea for not going to sunway since im not going for world stage!Then,we went to Rasta and had our dinner there.And lastly,chloe drop me and amy at geo's as there was a small paty going on there!i hang out with Amer,Azfar,boy and saif.It has been awhile since i hang out with them:)

SATURDAY,1st aug 2010.

I cant even remember when was my last time having my family moment till yesterday.Ayah was home and all of us when to Melaka for some wedding going on there.Than we went to Jonker street and eat candol and the asam laksa was awsome!after having our lunch there,ayah drove all of us home.While in the car,something going on and honestly..It spoilt my day.I realised that this maybe could be the reason why i prefer spending my weekends with my friends instead of my family:|

zulaikha zakria

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