Thursday, August 19, 2010

fix that broken heart

hey peeps,

I've seen many people that tried to release stress by doing something that is not worth it.Example like singing or tell stupid stuff in front of the webcam and post it in youtube,drink alcohol,smoking and more.Maybe you will feel like you are in the cloud nine by doing that.But just think about it,by making yourself look stupid or high,will the problem solve?As for me,the answer is no.

For the ladies,remember to take a good care of your dignity and also remember that your virginity is the most pracious thing in the world.The muslims are lucky as they have "zikir" that most probably will cure their heart.

Honestly,I will start "zikir" if i have problems.maybe i sound a little bit relagious here but trust me,there are always a way out for every problems.Think positive and deal with the problems with no fear and calm.

zulaikha zakaria

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