Monday, August 23, 2010

find my way home

hey peeps,

I didn't go to school today because my mum doesn't feel soo well.Sick probably.I was kind of worried about her as she start vomitting and all.*sigh

moving on.Chloe and william is having their hard time together and honestly,as a friend i cant stand looking at chloe being so lifeless like this.I just wish that what i had advice her yesterday would give her the courage to move on.And yesterday,chloe told me bout something that i did not expect.

Lets just get to this whole thing clear.For you people's information,i appriciate every single thing that we all have been trough together and the word regret for doing all those stupid stuff we had done,is never ever ever cross my mind guys.I said that because it is time to wake up.Time to get back on the right track.Time to open our eyes and see what have we done to ourselves.

Maybe you guys still haven't realised yet.But guys,i said that because i love you guys soo much and i dont want to see our future or our live spoilt because of our mistakes.We would do anything just to feel free and fun.Think about it guys,are you having fun telling lies to our parents all the time?dont be selfish that is what im trying to say here.We have been putting our life in danger for awhile and we also create our own problems.

You guys could hate me for saying that,but im sure that one day when you people had realised what have we done,you guys will see that im right.

zulaikha zakaria.

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