Saturday, September 4, 2010

now or never

hey peeps,

I guess most of you people knows that Paramore is performing LIVE in kl and i am never more excited than this before.I am totally going but..the problem is tickets.Well,i went to check out for the tickets at rock corner just now and sadly,the "hot spot" which is the rock zone free standing coast like RM358 and the others are free seating.Its Paramore for god sake!who would ever want to sit during the concert!i know i dont.

Anyways,One month of fasting is almost done and Raya is taking over.I know im suppose to get excited about it but to me,Bulan Ramadhan is a great month and im sad because a few days from now its the end of it.We need to wait another year for these awsome month.

Moving on.I've bought the baju kurung moden that i wanted just now!yayy:)

zulaikha zakaria

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