Tuesday, September 7, 2010

dreams of dreams

hey peeps,

Back when i was in primary school,i always wanted to have a candle light dinner with a guy that is also known as my boyfriend.You know young girls,they always dream to meet the "prince charming",the candle light dinner and stuff?yeah..that was my dream last time.

My dream did came true but not with my boyfriend,but with my bestfriend.I had a candle light dinner with chloe at TTDI last night.It wasn't apart of the plan actually.We were just planing to buka puasa together but dont know how we end up having candle light dinner at the side walk.I have a good time anyway.Who cares right?:)

So our night didn't just end there.Chloe sleepover my house last night so we drive all the way to subang just to take chloe's stuff.Well,that is how i met my lover boy for about 3 minuts.Dont get me wrong.Its not that i dont want to spent some time with him,its just that its already late and i need to go home.So there i was,hugging him like no one could seperate us!HEHE!Whatever it is,he's birthday is coming and i have good plans in my mind now.BIG STUFF!

zulaikha zakaria

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