Saturday, September 4, 2010

im back

hey peeps,

I've heard some unexpected news from a few people which says Lady Gaga worship devil?is it even true?i've watched this vidoe that i've found in youtube.This video is about this worship devil and it is just soo freaky,creepy and scary i guess.I was one of lady gaga's fan last time but because of this huge rumour,it really does give a huge impact on me!i've deleted all lady gaga's songs in my phone playlist.If im not mistaken,i've also had heard that most of the RnB singers in overseas is a worship davil as well.

therefor,I have to say that i am no longer a fan of RnB songs.I rather listen to hardrock screamo than listening to some worship devil songs!whatever it is,Rock bands and rock songs are still the best and i have no doubts about that:)

zulaikha zakaria

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