Friday, September 24, 2010

boys boys boys

hey peeps,

Every woman in this world have their own "sense of taste" when it comes to mens.Well,It has been awhile since i had a crush on actress nor singers since i was always busy with schools and studies.Coincidencely,while i was chilling in the living room,my brother was watching 90210.I must say that it was my third time watching it!never get bored of it because that movie is soooo sweet AND Mat Landers(cast as Liam in 90210 ) is like an angle sent from heaven.His charming smile and smokin' buff body,honestly can melt my heart away!

There's another guy which i always adored and he is Penn badgley (cast as Dan Humphrey in Gossip girl).You can call me blind if i say im not into Chace Crawford but yes,that is the truth.I am not into Chace Crawford because I think that Penn Badgley is the type of guy that i would die for.He got the looks,not that stunning but very charming,low profile and loyal.I am not a big fan of Gossip Girl actually.Cant stand the dramas,upper east side and stuff.But I watched it because of Penn Badgley:)

So there are two types of guy that i've just mention.First is the type of guy that could steal any womans heart and the second one is a type of guy who dont really have the looks but have a great personality.So which one would you go for?abviously when i said "dont really have the looks" it doesn't mean that he's ugly!

So yeah, type of guy is pretty simple.I dont go for money nor his looks.But i would go for a guy which i think that is worth to be with and love me just the way i am.Respect me as a woman and respect my family and friends,could make me smile.It maybe sounds simple but dont get me wrong!I dont date or even flirt with random guys:)

Much love,
Zulaikha Zakaria

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