Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Someone remaind me that when we love someone,we need to trust them.After what had happen,i thought the word trust is no longer remain in my heart.I still cant get over about what had happen and maybe that is the reason why im acting like this.I forgot that i trust is the most important thing when it comes to relationship.I apologize for what i've done love.

The same person also gives me hope and belive that my lover boy will never do such thing to me.That person said if my lover boy think rationally,i am the best that he could ever had.It was the most simplest advise i ever heard yet it opens my eyes from the negetive thoughts that is stuck in my brain for a couple of days.

It maybe an hour conversation,but still..that person does bring back laughter and he remainds me that hates does not justify love.Who is that person?

zulaikha zakaria

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