Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wont fade away

hey peeps!

My oh my!I must say that i really miss sitting infront of my laptop and update my blog.I did not update my blog since god knows when:) so guys,i have plenty of stories that i would like to share.My raya was great!I went back to my dad's hometown at Kuala selangor and i met my aunties and uncles who made my raya means alot to me.I blame the good food that my aunties serve like the AWSOME rendang because i think i've gain weight!screw fats!By the way,i have soo much fun when i was at my dad's hometown,same goes to my mum's hometown at johor.Both were awsome.

I came back to KL on the 14th sept and there i go,planning what to wear for haneez's open house on te 15th.And yes,mikhael's open house on the 18th.Ohmy god!talk about his open house,as usual my hand was cold and i have soo many negetive thoughts in mind for example like im gonna fall down because of my freaking high heels? HEHE!

after mikhael's open house,we went to yusufe's house at bangsar for raya.i have soo much fun at his house till i dint realised it was already late night.We played games and shisha like theres no tomorrow :) well,i just wish that azwa,haneez and of course mikhael was there to join us as well.

I actually have a few more stories but its time for me to go to bed now.I have "school" tomorrow :( But hey,if i have time to continue tan i will alright.

night night readers!
-zulaikha zakaria-

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