Thursday, July 22, 2010

pigs might fly?

hey peeps,

Need to work extra hard if you want to have lots and lots of money which can provide you a life in a fab lane like kimora.This all make sense dont they?to achive something in your life,we need to work for it and never give up.My chemistry teacher told me that i always think negetive about something.I never think that life is easy and always think that i cant achive anything.

She is 101% right about that!its not that im being like a doubting Thomas,but i just keep thinking like i will never be a succsessful person in this world.sigh* i need to drop that!whatever it is,I need to focus on my studies exspecially on my science subject that is killing me slowly.

okay,Today is my mom's birthday and i did not get anything for her yet!i shall get her something nice soon and i was thinking like a book since my mum loves reading.

zulaikha zakaria

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