Monday, February 7, 2011

i heart bandung

hey peeps!

Anyone that never visit Bandung,i suggest you people get the flight tickets to bandung ASAP! Bandung is awsome i must say.Maybe the place was chaos and packed of people from all walks of life but still.I LOVE IT .bandung is a shopping heaven! You can get expensive looking tops or jeans with just RM 30/40.You'll be suprised when you see those nice tops and bottoms there!well,i know im suprised! :)

My favourite food there was 'tempe goreng' and 'sup buntut'.It maybe sounds weird but TRY IT! once you've try it,you will get addicted to i do.I cant stop drinking 'es teh manis' since it taste soo good!it taste something like jasmine tea but BETTER! (Y) .

Okay now,here comes to the fun facts.80% of indonasion girls are pretty.I went to Jakarta as well and honestly,i felt i was the ugliest among all!their face was flawless.The hair was long wavy thick.another word to describe them,gorgeous.Now, the fun part was the mans are HOT too.they have the looks basicly.I dont know how to describe them.speachless!

To me,bandung is like the bigger version of bangsar.And the reason i say that is because the shopping places like their factory outlets looks like those shops in bangsar.My all time favourite shop there was Grende and Rumah Mode.GOD!everything seems soo cheap there!Even Tutti Fruitti is cheap there!HAHA!

so guys,do visit bandung because you will never regret it :) All i know,after my SPM..i am soo going there AGAIN!

zulaikha zakaria

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