Thursday, February 10, 2011

this is it

I marked today as the day of "i will miss my school once i've finished my SPM".Weird right?I never expect i would ever say this but yes,life has been great to me.Im starting to fit in with my school mates.The story goes like this.I woke up today and i felt SOO lazy to go to school.I felt tired and my leg is aching but i dont know why,somehow i just want to force myself to get my ass off the bed and just go to school.feeling excited to know how's my school gonna be like today.Homeworks do kills me silently but that is not gonna be the reason why must i skip school.I know maybe one or two among you readers will be laughing when you read this.Maybe you guys gonna think what in the hell happend to me right?To be frank,the answer is i dont know.i repeat again.I DONT KNOW.
Maybe this is what you call senior year.Welcome to senior year ika:)

It has been awhile since i update my blog huh.I used to get really addicted to blogs.I keep on updating,typing on my blog.But now,i dont really have time for that.Time is running like blink of an eye so why should i waste it.Perhaps i should get a bio or history book and read right?HAH! i say that for fun actually.To be frank,i dont even read bio or history during free time.I think i should start doing that.great ika -__-

i should get myself to bed now!i have school tomorrow :) goodnight!

zulaikha zakaria

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  1. Woww...You can do it ika baby ;) and one of the reason is you miss me so much!